Kyun-an Na struggles alone… The Responsibility of ‘Glasses Ace’ Park Se-woong

The reason why Lotte, which is staying in 7th place, is in trouble, because of the mound.

Starting and bullpen ERAs are 5.46 (9th) and 8.10 (lowest), respectively, which are not very satisfactory even considering that it is early in the season.

In the starting lineup, Kyun-an Na is struggling alone. He recorded an average ERA of 1.45 with 3 wins in 18 ⅔ innings in 3 games, leading the team in the most wins category. In his most recent appearance, against Samsung on the 15th, he showed off his crisis management skills and won the game by pitching 5 scoreless innings. 안전놀이터

In contrast, the rest of the pitchers are continuing a somewhat sluggish flow. Neither pitcher Dan Strayley nor Charlie Barnes has yet won their first win of the season. On the 16th, against the Samsung Lions, Barnes recorded 10 hits (1 home run), 5 walks, 3 strikeouts and 8 runs in 5⅔ innings against the Samsung Lions.

The bullpen is no different. There was an unexpected turn of events. Seo Jun-won, who was involved in a sexual offense against a minor, cannot play, and Min-seok Lee, who is on the operating table, is also out for the season.

As two key pitchers were missing, the coaching staff was inevitably embarrassed. Nonetheless, most of the pitchers on the mound, with the exception of “veteran” Kim Sang-soo, failed to play their part. ‘Rookie’ Lee Tae-yeon and Lee Jin-ha need more time to gain experience.

In the end, someone needs to be centered on the mound to prevent mound overload, and the player who has to fulfill that role is Park Se-woong. He, who was announced as a starting pitcher for the KIA Tigers game on the 18th, will digest ‘twice a week’ until the NC Dinos match on the 23rd.

Like Lotte, Park Se-woong is desperate for victory. After the start of the regular season, he appeared in two games and recorded an average ERA of 4.66 with 1 loss in 9⅔ innings, which was a pitch that fell far short of expectations. Even against the LG Twins on the 12th, when he barely escaped defeat, he struggled with 7 hits, 3 runs and 3 runs in 5 innings. The pace is a bit slower than last year, when he accumulated 3 wins in April alone.

In order to start the week in a good mood, we must eventually win the home game against KIA on the 18th. Last year’s performance against KIA was 4 games, 22 innings, 1 win, 1 loss, and an average ERA of 2.86. Park Se-woong should not miss the opportunity that came to him as the pace of the KIA batters has fallen recently, such as falling to the bottom of the team batting average.

Fans and clubs still believe in him. It is time for him to show a pitch worthy of the nickname ‘Ace of Glasses’. Attention is focusing on whether Park Se-woong, who climbs the mound with heavy responsibility, will live up to expectations.

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