‘Kyung Jae-seok and Wi Seo-young compete’ season’s last figure skating competition held in Jeonju

The last figure skating event in Korea this season will be held in Jeonju.

The Korea Ice Skating Federation (Chairman Yoon Hong-geun) said, “From the 6th to the 9th, the 65th National Men’s and Women’s Figure Skating Championships will be held at the Jeonju Hwasan Gymnasium ice rink.”

A total of 150 figure skaters from male and female level 3 (groups A to C) will participate in this event. It is the last figure skating competition to be held in Korea this season.

On the 3rd and 4th days, where the men’s and women’s single group A matches are held, Jae-seok Gyeong (general competition), Chae-yeon Kim, Ah-sun Yoon, and Seo-young Wi (Surigo Lee), who played an active part as the national figure skating team in the 2022-23 season, are about to compete. 메이저사이트

Gyeong Jae-seok has been active as a national team member for about two seasons since 2021. Since the 2016-17 season, he has won the President’s Cup Ranking Competition at the junior level and finished runner-up in the General Championship. Since then, he has been consistently active, recording mid to high grades in competitions such as the Junior Grand Prix. 

In the 2020-21 season comprehensive championships, he ranked 5th and entered the national team for the first time in his life, and in the next season (2021-22 season) he won a bronze medal at the comprehensive championships and maintained the Taegeuk mark with Korean figure skating ace Cha Jun-hwan (Korea University). However, this year, he failed to qualify for the national team, which is given to the top four players, by placing 5th overall in the President’s Cup Ranking Competition and the Overall Championship. Following Cha Jun-hwan, Lee Jun-hyung, and Lee Si-hyeong, he is a player who continues the lineage of male figure skating in Korea

Wi Seo-young, who set the record for the first time, is the first Korean female athlete to break the total score of 170 points in her debut at the Junior Grand Prix, and is the first Korean female athlete to break the short technical score (TES) of 40 points after Yuna Kim. 

She placed 1st at the 2018 Overall Championships Junior, 2019 Types Championships Seniors 1st, 2022 CS Nebelhorn Trophy 2nd, etc. She is currently active as a promising Korean female figure skater following Kim Yu-na along with Yoo Young and Kim Ye-rim. 

Meanwhile, the National Men’s and Women’s Figure Skating Championships, which were held last season, will be held as a related audience from this season due to the mitigation of Corona 19. In addition, real-time live relay service is provided through the official YouTube channel of the Skating Federation for fans who cannot find the site. 

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