‘Launch angle 42 degrees + exit speed 175 km’ super large home run gun! ‘100 million’ fortune filled by Lee Jung-hoo, the final stroke to escape from 8 consecutive losses → debut first home run

“Oh, how would you know after seeing the day?”

This is Hong Won-ki, director of Kiwoom Heroes, responding to the comment, ‘Ronnie Dawson’s personality looks good.’바카라

However, it seems that he has not only an exhilarating personality, but also skills that do not match his low annual salary of only 85,000 dollars (approximately 109 million won). He hit the winning run in his KBO League debut, then hit his first home run in his second game.

In the last game of the weekend series against the Lotte Giants held at Sajik Stadium in Busan on the 23rd, Dawson hit Lotte starter Lee In-bok’s 143 km two-seam in the middle of the right side of the crowd in the bottom of the second inning with a 1-0 lead. It is a big home run with a distance of 120m, soaring high into the sky the moment it hits a launch angle of 41.8 degrees, far exceeding the 6m fence that Sajik is proud of. It is also surprising that he was not vigilant at the ball count of 3-0.

Kiwoom has a big hole in its power due to the departure of the star Lee Jung-hoo the day before. Lee Jung-hoo played a big role the previous day with 3 hits, 1 RBI and 1 walk, leading the team to escape from 8 consecutive losses along with the victory against Lotte.

The 2023 KBO League match between KT Wiz, Kiwoom Heroes and KT Wiz was held at Gocheok Sky Dome on the 11th. In the bottom of the 8th inning, 2nd out and 1st baseman Kiwoom Lee Jung-hoo hits and greets fans cheering. With this hit, Lee Jung-hoo recorded 100 hits for 7 consecutive seasons. Gocheok = Reporter Heo Sang-wook wook@sportschosun.com/2023.07.11/
However, right after catching Kim Min-seok’s hit at the end of the 8th inning, he complained of ankle pain and requested a replacement, and returned to the dugout with support. Kiwoom canceled Lee Jung-hoo from the first team ahead of the match and sent him to Seoul early. According to coach Hong, Lee Jeong-hoo explained, “I felt something wrong with my ankle while starting when Kim Min-seok hit the ball.” Coach Hong explained, “I am particularly concerned because he is a player who does not usually show pain.” Lee Jung-hoo is scheduled to undergo a detailed examination on the 24th.

Kiwoom called Lee Yong-gyu, an old man who had been in the 2nd team for a long time after a back injury in early May, to the 1st team during the week instead of registering him earlier than planned. In addition, the center fielder position that Lee Jung-hoo had taken was left to a new foreign hitter, Dawson.

On the 23rd, a KBO league match between Lotte and Kiwoom will be held at Sajik Baseball Stadium in Busan. Kiwoom players are training before the game. Kiwoom Dawson in batting training. Busan = Reporter Jeongheon Songsongs@sportschosun.com/2023.07.23/
Kiwoom recruited Dawson as a new replacement during the All-Star break in place of Edison Russell, who left due to a long-term injury. At one time, he was a promising 5-tool player in the Major League Houston Astros, but he was a player who played in the independent league Atlantic League until recently. This is why his annual salary is only about 100 million won.

The Kiwoom club explained, “In addition to Dawson’s skills, we highly evaluated his earnestness to succeed in the Korean league.” It seems that his heart is through, and he is making a big success with his KBO league debut. It is a team-like scouting ability that has previously hit the jackpot with ultra-cheap foreign players such as Jerry Sands ($100,000).

On the 22nd, a KBO league match between Lotte and Kiwoom was held at Sajik Baseball Stadium in Busan. Kiwoom Dawson scored a timely hit with one RBI in the first inning. Busan = Reporter Jeongheon Songsongs@sportschosun.com/2023.07.22/
Dawson hit a timely hit in the first at-bat the day before and made his first hit and first RBI in his Korean debut a final hit, followed by a home run that day, showing off his skills and the level of the Kiwoom club that recognized him. The club’s own assessment that the defense in the center field position is also good.

Coach Hong said of Dawson, “His ability to make contact with the center of the bat at any count is positive. His personality also seems to adapt well without difficulty,” and explained, “The original main position is center fielder. Until Lee Jung-hoo comes, Dawson’s best picture is to see center fielder.”

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