‘Lotte nomination’ Whimungo Kim Min-seok, Lee Young-min batting award… Yun Young-chul won the Outstanding Athlete Award

 Kim Min-seok of Whimoon High School won the Lee Young-min Batting Award, which is awarded to the best hitter in high school, and Yoon Young-cheol of Chungam High School won the High School Excellence Player Award.

The Korea Baseball Softball Association (KBSA) held the ‘2022 Baseball Softball Night’ at the Seoul Garden Hotel at 6 pm on the 19th. At the awards ceremony, awards were given to officials who left excellent results in amateur baseball and softball or contributed to expanding and revitalizing the base.

Whimungo Kim Min-seok is currently playing for Geelong Korea in the Australian Professional Baseball (ABL). In 20 high school baseball games this year, Kim Min-seok wielded a batting average of .544 (37 hits in 68 at-bats) and drew attention as a timber to become the ‘second Lee Jung-hoo’, and was nominated by the Lotte Giants as the third overall in the KBO League rookie draft. received

Gyeongnam High School coach Jeon Gwang-yeol won the Kim Il-bae Leadership Award given to the best amateur baseball coach. He led Gyeongnam High School to the championship in the 76th Golden Lion held this year, and succeeded in sending Kim Beom-seok, Shin Young-woo, and Kim Jung-min to pros. 토토

Director Jeon said, “It is an honor to be invited to a meaningful event. Our student athletes will work hard for a brighter future.”

Chungam High School Yun Yeong-cheol received the high school excellent player award. He pitched 61⅓ innings in 15 high school baseball games this season, going 13-2 with a 3.10 earned run average. He was also active in the youth team. Yoon Young-chul, who has been evaluated as the ‘largest left-hander’, was nominated as the second overall pick by the KIA Tigers in the KBO League 2023 rookie draft along with Kim Min-seok.

Meanwhile, Gong Do-hyeok of Seongnam High School, who saved a man in his 50s who collapsed in an apartment gym last August through CPR, was selected for the Model Award.

◇Baseball Softball Night Awardees List ▶Kim Il-bae Leadership Award = Jeon Gwang-yeol (Gyeongnam High School) ▶ Lee Young-min Batting Award = Kim Min-seok (

Hwimun High School) ▶Exemplary Award = Gong Do-hyeok (Seongnam High School) ▶ Outstanding Player Award = Seo Ji-ho (Seokgyo Elementary School) Jung Jae-hoon (Segwang Middle School) Yun Young-chul (Chungam High School) ) Junho Lee (Sungkyunkwan University) Hyeonin Yoo (Dankook University) Hyuntae Cho (Incheon Seoguuri Baseball Team) Sohyeon Park (Daejeon Ladies Women’s Baseball Team) Hahyun Kim (Shinjeong Women’s Middle School) Ha-neul Kim Yujin Kim (hereafter referred to as Shinjeong High School) Hayoung Joo (Sangji University) Minkyung Park (Dankook University) Ki Hee Ki (South Gyeongsang Province) Athletic Association) Gyeongmin Lee (Incheon Metropolitan City Sports Association) ▶Excellent Referee Award = Referee Seungcheol Lee (Baseball) Referee Pilkyu Oh (Softball) ▶Achievement Award = Mooncheol Kim (Executive Director of Jeju Special Self-Governing Baseball Softball) Taeho Kim (Executive Director of Gangwon Province Baseball Softball Association) Daegeun Kim (Executive Director of Gyeongju Baseball Softball) Association executive director) ▶ Appreciation plaque = Jeong Jong-bok (Gijang-gun governor) Choi Hoon-hak (Shinsegae Emart Group marketing director) Son Byeong-mok (Uljin-gun county governor) Kim Myeong-ki (Hoengseong-gun county governor) Moon Seong-joon (LS Networks CEO) Oh Hee-cheol (Spotv. CEO) Ahn Chan-gyu (SGC Energy CEO) Director) Kwang-soo Shin (CEO of Mirae N) Deok-il Kim (CEO of Deal Live) Si-won Jang (PD of the strongest baseball at JTBC)