Lucas’ who accidentally missed the perfect Clash Royale Championship (Overall

Brazil’s ‘Lucas’ Vinicius Batista Rocha, who was aiming for a perfect victory in this tournament, lost a set due to a deck selection mistake, but did not give up the game and became the owner of the prize money of 13,000 dollars (approximately 16.55 million won).메이저놀이터

On the 29th, at the World Cyber ​​Games 2023 Busan (hereinafter referred to as WCG 2023 Busan), an international e-sports event held at BEXCO in Haeundae-gu, Busan, on the 2nd day of the Grand Final Clash Royale Division Finals, ‘Lucas’ beat ‘Sweep’ Ethan Tyson with a set score of 3-1. won, won the championship.

Right after the first set started, ‘Sweep’ took out Hog Rider and went on the offensive, but ‘Lucas’ also blocked the road with a fisherman, and took out Royal Giant consecutively, damaging Sweep’s right tower. Then, the Royal Giant, taken out to the left, took advantage of the atmosphere by hitting the left tower, and while the opponent was unable to break the flow, he eventually destroyed the left tower and won the first set, graduating from the evolutionary Royal Giant deck.

In the second set that followed, Lucas chose a deck he was not allowed to use and was declared a foul match, and ‘Sweep’ won the second set and graduated from the Drill Tornado deck.

In the 3rd set in a 1:1 situation, ‘Sweep’, which took out the Evolution Royal Giant, hit the right tower of ‘Lucas’, and ‘Lucas’ counterattacked using a puddle and dealt some damage, the main firepower of the two players This was exchanged, but there was no match, so it went to sudden death. It seemed to take the advantage by bringing out the Evolution Royal Giant, but ‘Lucas’, who caught the Evolution Royal Giant with 39 HP remaining in the left tower, counterattacked and destroyed the opponent’s left tower, leaving only one set to win.

In the 4th set, ‘Lucas’, who brought out the evolutionary mortar deck, started the attack as Hog Rider, but while his eyes were focused on the opponent’s Royal Giant, ‘Sweep’ attacked the right tower with Royal Ghost, causing 2000 damage. ‘Lucas’, who started attacking again with the Hog Rider while the angler was missing, hit the left tower with the Hog Rider again while the other angler’s eyes were looking elsewhere, reducing his HP to 900 units, passing the melee situation and passing the Royal Giant. Hog Rider, who passed by, broke the opponent’s resistance and destroyed the tower on the left, rising to the top spot in this tournament.

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