Messi shoots commercials in Saudi Arabia without club permission Suspension for 2 weeks + Fine discipline

Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) Lionel Messi left for Saudi Arabia without permission from the club and was suspended from the team.

According to the BBC on the 3rd (Korean time), Messi requested permission to travel to Saudi Arabia after finishing the weekend game against Lorient (1-3 loss), but was rejected.

Messi, currently a Saudi tourism ambassador, left for Riyadh in Saudi Arabia without permission from the club to film, and PSG suspended him for two weeks and fined him.

PSG, which has not been in a good team mood recently, changed coach Christophe Galtier to train instead of rest on Monday, but Messi ignored this order and left for Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Tourism Minister Ahmed Al Khatib announced the news of Messi’s visit to Saudi Arabia through social network services (SNS), and Messi also certified his trip to Saudi Arabia by posting photos of Saudi landscapes on social media.

Eventually, Messi, who was suspended for two weeks, was unable to play during this period, including team training. He is expected to miss two games against Trois on the 8th and against Ajaccio on the 14th.

PSG currently leads the French Ligue 1 with 24 wins, 3 draws and 6 losses (75 points), 5 points ahead of Marseille (70 points). Compared to the time when the second place and more than 10 points widened, the gap has narrowed a lot.

Meanwhile, the possibility of Messi leaving PSG this summer has increased due to the unauthorized absence from training and the club’s disciplinary action.온라인카지노

The BBC said, “Messi’s two-year contract with PSG expires this summer,” and predicted, “This incident has effectively ended Messi’s career at PSG.”

The media explained, “PSG punished Messi for not attending training without permission. PSG fans do not want Messi anymore and it is certain that the contract with him will not be renewed.”

Messi left FC Barcelona ahead of the 2021-22 season and made a surprise transfer to PSG, drawing attention from around the world. As a member of PSG, he scored 31 goals and 34 assists in 71 games across all competitions.

However, recently, the two sides could not agree on a renewal of the contract, and transfer rumors came out, and it seems that PSG and Messi’s accompaniment will eventually come to an end in two years.

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