Min-seok Kim’s watch that runs non-stop, Lotte’s ‘2nd Lee Jung-hoo’ production begins in earnest

Lotte released the 2023 Spring Camp list on the 27th. As rookies, only Kim Min-seok and Lee Tae-yeon head to Guam, where the first team camp is held. After spending the winter in Geelong Korea, Australia, Kim Min-seok takes a short break in Korea and gets back on the plane.

Kim Min-seok, a native of South Korea, was called up to Lotte as the 3rd overall pick in the first round in this year’s rookie draft. Since his high school days, his batting talent has been established, and he has been evaluated as having as much batting talent as Lee Jung-hoo, a senior at the same school and who conquered the KBO league. 스포츠토토

He was just as good as he was. He appeared in 20 games in the 2022 High School Baseball Weekend League and National High School Baseball Tournament, going 95 at bats, 68 at bats, with a batting average of 0.544. This is the reason why the modifier ‘the second Lee Jung-hoo’ was added in front of his name.

As soon as he joined, Minseok Kim was busy. He had a much busier winter than any other rookie. Lotte made a bold decision to quickly bring out Kim Min-seok’s potential. He was sent to Australia’s Geelong Korea to experience a higher level league than amateurs.

In Australia, Minseok Kim showed improvement day by day. He recorded 16 hits in 68 at-bats, 1 home run, batting average of 0.235, and slugging percentage of 0.323 in 20 games. Geelong Korea contributed to the best performance since its foundation with 13 wins and 27 losses.

Kim Min-seok leaves for Guam not long after returning from Australia. He initially joined as an infielder, but was classified as an outfielder. It is a plan to make use of Kim Min-seok’s batting talent. Now, Kim Min-seok is expected to focus on batting practice as well as outfield defense practice in earnest.

Kim Min-seok seized the opportunity to temper himself with star players. He learns a great deal just by watching players with excellent batting ability, such as captain An Chi-hong, Jeon Jun-woo, and Han Dong-hee, from close range. Will Kim Min-seok, who has been given a good opportunity, achieve one step of growth?

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