Moon Yoo-hyeon, who helped Moon Jung-hyeon two 3-point shots, is it because of his older brother Moon Jung-hyeon?

“I usually take mine and eat it. That’s why I’m short. We got along well because we spend a lot of time together.”

In the away match against Chosun University held on the 22nd at the Chosun University Gymnasium, Korea University won a 112-47, 65-point victory based on its overwhelming power superiority, even though 11 players were evenly fielded. The victory by 65 points is the second highest score difference in a game based on the University Basketball League. The first place is 72 points (Yonsei University 114-42 Chosun University).

While all 11 players recorded points and rebounds, Moon Yoo-hyeon (181cm, G) was the only player to score double digits in a quarter. Moon Yoo-hyeon scored 13 points in the third quarter alone, recording 16 points, 6 rebounds and 2 assists.

After finishing the game, Moon Yoo-hyeon said, “After the game against Dankook University (14th), I had a lot of rest time, so I was able to win with a big score difference like today (22nd).” It seems that the performance of the players was also good,” he said of his victory.

Moon Yoo-hyeon, who took to the court at the start of the second quarter, said, “Chosun University’s defense is not well organized. I thought that a good opportunity would come if I broke through and gave it away to my older brothers,” he said.

Korea University threw 30 3-pointers that day and concentrated 14 of them. However, Moon Yoo-hyeon recorded two assists to help his older brother, Moon Jung-hyun, make two 3-point shots. Moon Jung-hyun, who threw a 3-point shot that could not be controlled in the 1st quarter, made a 3-pointer after receiving a pass from Moon Yoo-hyeon at 8:10 and 7:06 left in the second quarter.

When Moon Yoo-hyeon teasedly asked, “I think I went to the court to pass to my brother, not my brothers,” he laughed and said, “My brother (in the first quarter) gave me a white car. Seeing that, I thought that if I created a chance with a more accurate pass, my brother would easily give it to me. He even gave his brother a poisonous pass,” he said. 메이저사이트

After Mun Jung-hyeon succeeded Moon Yoo-hyeon’s first 3-point shot, he was very happy and gave Moon a high-five.

Moon Yoo-hyeon said, “Hyung liked it. Yesterday (21st), I shared the same room as my brother, and he said that it would be really good if I passed (three-point shot). He said he would do the ceremony, but he didn’t do it and he liked it,” he laughed.

Moon Jeong-hyun said, “At first, I didn’t have the sense to look, so my first 3-point shot didn’t even hit the rim. I think my younger brother saved me because he was my older brother,” he laughed and said, “I thought I was in a really bad condition today, but I think I saved one because my younger brother bought me something delicious.”

Moon Yoo-hyeon said, “I usually steal mine. That’s why I’m short. We got along well because we spent a lot of time together.”

Moon Yoo-hyeon played 31 minutes and 10 seconds in the first game of the season against Dankook University on the 14th. He was the team’s only appearance of more than 30 minutes. Korea University coach Hee-Jeong Joo praised Yoo-Hyun Moon for her sincerity in training and gave her more chances to play.

Moon Yu-hyeon said, “When you think of freshmen at Korea University, you pay attention to Min-soo Yoo, Dong-geun Lee, and Gi-chan Yoon, but not to me. Because of that, I trained twice a day even during breaks after the National Sports Festival last year.” So I put in a lot of effort,” she told me how she prepared for the college stage.

He continued, “In the morning, I did one-on-one PT for an hour and a half, and in the afternoon, I felt like I was lacking in basic skills, so I did basic training for about two hours, and then I did shooting training for about 30 minutes to an hour more.” I never took a break thinking that if I worked hard, the manager and coach would give me a chance. Even in high school, there were many moments when I wanted to give up, but one day something good happened. That’s why I think I’m having a good season,” he added to the training content.

Moon Yoo-hyun, who played one game at home and away, said, “It was difficult to come by bus to a distant area like Gwangju. Home games are definitely comfortable,” he said. “Chosun University didn’t boo. I don’t know what other areas are like.”

After settling down as a freshman at Korea University, Moon Yoo-hyeon hoped, “I want to be evaluated as Moon Yoo-hyeon, not Moon Jung-hyun’s younger brother, this year.”

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