No mask shout’ returns to the volleyball court, voluntary wearing of masks from the 31st

The volleyball court returns with ‘no mask shouts’ and complete upbringing.

On the 27th, KOVO (Korean Volleyball Federation) 스포츠토토 announced that, “According to the Corona 19 government quarantine policy, from January 31st, it will be recommended for spectators entering the stadium and autonomous wearing of indoor masks.”

The government has decided to ease the obligation to wear masks indoors from the 30th, except for some facilities, to ‘recommendation’. From the 30th, it is not necessary to wear a mask in indoor places except for medical institutions, pharmacies, facilities vulnerable to infection, and public transportation.

Accordingly, KOVO will allow spectators entering the stadium to wear masks voluntarily from the women’s KGC Ginseng Corporation-Korea Expressway Corporation (Daejeon) and men’s Woori Card-KB Insurance (Jangchung) matches held at 7:00 pm on the 31st after the recommended mitigation measures. going to make it

When the mask is taken off, various support such as ‘nurturing support’ and ‘relief’ can be more active, as in the period before Corona 19. As the national guidelines for wearing masks, which had different regulations for each local government, were issued, it is expected that we will be able to see ‘no mask cheering’ again in all KOVO women’s and men’s matches.

In addition, the environment for watching sports, which had restrictions such as eating and drinking, is definitely improved, which is expected to have the effect of increasing the number of spectators visiting the volleyball court.

After the news was announced, an official from the volleyball world said, “We welcome the decision of KOVO and the government to wear masks autonomously.”

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