Number one, only one ‘Messi’

Messi and Ronaldo enjoyed together in their heyday for over 10 years, the number of Ballon d’Or awards, etc. Competition for ‘the best player of the time’
Virtually the last World Cup winner and Golden Ball Messi…

Lionel Messi (35, Argentina) and Cristiano Ronaldo (37, Portugal), who have divided world football into two halves for more than 10 years and have established themselves as icons, Ronaldo and other ‘classes’, ‘eliminated in the quarterfinals and continuous gossip’ , were early known as ‘GOAT (Greatest Of All Time)’ rose to the ranks. ‘GOAT’, which is also expressed as a ‘goat’ emoticon in social networking services (SNS), is an expression that means the best player of this era in sports, that is, a legend player.

The two have been evaluated as the best players of all time while writing records that are difficult to match in football history, but they have always been compared while enjoying their heyday at the same time. So, there was a lot of debate among fans over who is the best soccer player in the world. Among domestic fans, this is called the ‘Me (Si) Ho (Naldu) Battle’, and winning the World Cup remained like the last puzzle.

Messi lifted the World Cup trophy and hit the peak of his career, leaning the pendulum to win the ‘Meho War’. Messi has built a brilliant career, including winning the Ballon d’Or 7 times, the most prestigious award in soccer, winning the UEFA Champions League 4 times, and being the top scorer for 5 consecutive seasons in La Liga. Ronaldo also won the Ballon d’Or five times, won the Champions League five times, and won the top scorer in Europe’s three major leagues, and faced Messi closely.

The Qatar World Cup drew attention with their last World Cup ‘Last Dance’.

This is because those in their late 30s are unlikely to realistically play in the World Cup four years from now.

Ronaldo’s performance was disappointing in the World Cup, where the attention of soccer fans around the world was focused on their challenge to win. Ronaldo scored from a penalty kick in the first group match against Ghana, becoming the first player ever to score in all five World Cup tournaments. However, due to his insincere attitude and poor performance, he was pushed to the bench, and he had to watch Messi win the championship after losing 0-1 to Morocco in the quarterfinals of the tournament. Portugal’s best finish in the World Cup, in which Ronaldo played five times, was fourth place in 2006.토토

In fact, Ronaldo was the first to win a major championship as a national representative. Ronaldo led Portugal to victory at the 2016 European Championship (Euro 2016), and he was rated higher than Messi. Messi’s failure to win an international major championship trophy as a national team was often pointed out as the greatest weakness of his career, but he resolved his grievance by leading the team to win the Copa America last year. And by winning the World Cup this time, he definitely seized the victory in ‘Meho Daejeon’.

Messi surpassed Lothar Matheus (Germany) to become the number one player in World Cup history (26 games), and at the same time added 7 goals, increasing his total World Cup score to 13. Miroslav Klose (Germany, 16 goals) is tied for 4th all-time, and the first in this category is Miroslav Klose. However, in the offensive point, he added 3 assists to 8 assists in the World Cup total, ranking first in the World Cup total with 21. Messi also left his name as the only player in history to win the “Golden Ball,” given to the best player in the World Cup, twice (2014 and 2022).

Although the two had no goals side by side in the World Cup tournament from the round of 16, Messi scored 5 goals in this tournament alone and was also labeled as ‘weak in the tournament’.