[Official] Minnesota recruits ‘Silver Slugger-Utility’ Solano… $2 million per year

The Minnesota Twins strengthened their depth by signing utility Donovan Solano.

Minnesota announced on its official website on the 24th (Korean time) that “the club has recruited infielder Solano.” The size of the contract was not disclosed, but according to columnist John Heyman of the ‘New York Post’, it was announced that the contract included 250,000 incentives for $2 million per year.안전놀이터

Entering his 10th season, Solano has played for the Miami Marlins, New York Yankees, San Francisco Giants and, last year, the Cincinnati Reds.

In particular, during the 2020 season in San Francisco, he recorded a batting average of 0.326, 3 homers, 29 RBIs, and an OPS of 0.828, winning the Silver Slugger in the National League second baseman category. Last year, he had a batting average of 0.284, 4 homers, 24 RBIs, and an OPS of 0.724.

Although Solano’s primary position is second base, he played mostly first base last year. He is also a player who can bowl all the way to third base and shortstop, and even has a record for appearances in left field. Accordingly, Minnesota plans to strengthen his depth by classifying him as an all-weather backup player. Solano recorded a batting average of 0.301 against left-handed pitchers last year and can be used as a pinch hitter.

“You can play in any position,” Solano said. In Cincinnati, there are a lot of first base trips, so I think he will be first base here too,” he predicted.

Coach Rocco Baldelli said, “I worked with the club to thicken the lineup this season. It’s not easy to have a player with so many options. He is doubly happy to be able to sign the right players.”

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