“Oh Hyun-kyu also participates in the World Cup” Football Association, the reason for paying a reward to the 27th member

Oh Hyeon-gyu (21, Suwon Samsung) was also a proud member of the 2022 Qatar World Cup. This is why the Korea Football Association pays the World Cup reward to Oh Hyun-kyu, the ’27th member’.

An official from the Korea Football Association said in a phone call with Star News on the 15th, “There was already a plan for Oh Hyun-kyu when the reward was decided after the Qatar World Cup round of 16 match with Brazil.

Previously, the Korea Football Association announced that it would pay 60 million won in World Cup prize money to striker Oh Hyun-kyu, who was included in the reserve entry and accompanied to Qatar. The total is 60 million won according to the basic wage of 20 million won, the victory bonus of 30 million won, and the draw of 10 million won. However, 100 million won for advancing to the round of 16 was excluded. 토토사이트

Oh Hyun-kyu was the first player to participate in the World Cup as a reserve player. There was also no World Cup reward standard for reserve players. However, the Korea Football Association decided to recognize Hyun-kyu Oh’s contributions throughout the World Cup.

An official from the Korea Football Association said, “Originally, only 26 members of the World Cup were rewarded, and Oh Hyun-gyu was an additional player, so there was no standard.

Oh Hyun-gyu, who scored 13 goals in the K-League this season, was selected as a reserve list and accompanied Qatar. It was to prepare for possible departures such as captain Son Heung-min (30, Tottenham), who suffered an orbital fracture injury. However, no one was injured and Oh Hyun-gyu was not included in the final list.

However, Oh Hyun-gyu gained special experience while training with the World Cup members. He even helped his comrades behind the scenes. Son Heung-min also expressed his gratitude to Oh Hyun-kyu for his dedication after the World Cup.

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