Ok Rae-yoon, ONE 2nd to 4th place and title challenger match?

It seems that Ok Rae-yoon (32) will have a chance to return to the throne only if he defeats one of the top 5 light weight divisions in Asia’s largest ONE Championship mixed martial arts.

The official One Championship website added, “Ok Rae-yoon showed that he is ready to create a sensation again by winning his first important match after losing the lightweight championship,” adding, “Another victory may be needed.”

On the 6th (Korean time), Ok Rae-yoon, who ranked first in the official lightweight ranking, won a unanimous decision victory over Rowan Tynerness (33, USA), who had been the champion of three mixed martial arts competitions, at ‘ONE Fight Night 10’ on the 6th (Korean time).

From left, One Championship Mixed Martial Arts Lightweight (#1) Ok Rae-yoon (#2), Dagi Arslan Aliyev (#2), Saigit Azagahmayev (#3) and Halil Amir (#4). Photo = ONE Championship Profile
The One Championship homepage lists ▲Dagi Arslan Aliyev (Turkiye/Russia) ▲Sagit Azagahmayev (Russia) ▲Khalil Amir (Turkiye) as “three people that former world champion Ok Rae-yoon can face next.” Introduced.

Arslan Aliyev, Azagahmayev, and Amir all have one championship mixed martial arts fighter born in 1994. In the lightweight rankings, Arslan Aliyev is second, Azagahmayev is third, and Amir is fourth.

Tynerness, with 7 wins and 3 losses in the One Championship, is one of the strongest fighters below the 5th place in the lightweight division. This is the reason why the website of the tournament company acknowledged the performance of ONE Fight Night 10, saying, “Ok Rae-yoon seems to be still ready to compete for the top spot.”

Last month, Ok Rae-yoon also said in an interview with the One Championship website, “I want to prove that I am qualified to win the title match against Tynerness again,” but “I may have to add one more win to justify participating in the match with the championship belt. There is,” added a realistic judgment.카지노사이트

Arslan Aliyev ▲ 5 wins in 6 recent One Championship matches, Azazakhmayev ▲ 3 consecutive victories in his One Championship debut, and Amir ▲ A match-up that is expected to be a great match was cited as a cause or reason for confrontation with Ok Rae-yoon.

The One Championship homepage is ▲Ok Rae-yoon’s excellent boxing skills vs. Arslan Aliyev’s incredible KO power ▲Ok Rae-yoon’s elite takedown defense vs. Azagahmayev’s powerful grappling ▲Ok Rae-yoon and Amir, who will face off against the most threatening strikers in the lightweight division pointed out as a point of note.

In 2021, Ok Rae-yoon defeated ▲ former featherweight champion Marat Gafurov (39, Russia) ▲ former UFC lightweight champion Eddy Alvarez (39, USA) ▲ lightweight and welterweight unified champion Christian Lee (25, USA/Canada) in turn to win the One Championship Lightweight He rose to the championship and reached the peak of his career 9 years after his debut in mixed martial arts.

Although he gave up the throne by defeating Korean fighter Christian Lee (Lee Seung-ryong) in the second round in August 2022, One Championship ranks Ok Rae-yoon as the No. 1 lightweight and recognizes his status right next to the champion.

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