One photo posted by a colleague, and why everyone was surprised to see Otani’s hand.

The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim’s Shohei Ohtani’s “aberration” has everyone talking.

Ohtani’s teammate, Angels pitcher Patrick Sandoval, posted a photo on his social media account on the 24th (Japan time). The photo shows Ohtani sitting on a bus seat and looking at him. Sandoval explained that the photo was taken on the first of last month.

What caught everyone’s attention and created a buzz was the fact that Ohtani’s right hand was in a bag of snacks. Holding a ring-shaped onion flavoured snack, Ohtani was not eating the snack, but his hand was inside the bag as if to pick it up.

The photo quickly went viral. Bolly Sports West, which broadcast the Angels’ game on the 25th, showed the photo during the broadcast. Fans reacted to the clip by saying, “It’s a rare photo of Ohtani eating sweets,” and “The sweets were delicious enough for Ohtani to eat.”

Commentator Ryota Igarashi, who was broadcasting Ohtani’s match in Japan, said, “I can’t believe Ohtani is eating sweets. I thought Ohtani wouldn’t eat sweets on the bus journey. When he saw someone eating fried chicken at the WBC, he said, ‘I envy you,’ but he didn’t eat it. I pay a lot of attention to food,” he said.메이저놀이터

The fact that many people were surprised to see a bag of sweets that looked like nothing else indicates that Ohtani has always been a self-care athlete with a strict diet. Ohtani is known for meticulously counting nutrients and calories in every meal, and in 2021, she even gave up her favourite egg dish because it wasn’t working for her.

Luke Shinoda, who coordinated the Japanese team at the World Baseball Classic (WBC) in March, said in a post-tournament broadcast that Ohtani “counted calories for every meal and ate from a set menu, not eating things like rice balls or fried chicken.”

Since he was a high school student, Ohtani has managed his dreams, goals, and plans to become a major leaguer and make history as a two-sport athlete. The humanity that Ohtani occasionally shows amidst his strict self-management has become a source of humour for major league fans.

On the 25th, Ohtani hit his 12th home run of the season against the Boston Red Sox. The Angels won 7-3. Ohtani, along with teammate Mike Trout, has homered in all four games of the season, all of which have been won by their respective teams.

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