Online Casinos Can Cheat You in Craps

Many gamblers feel comfortable playing in land-based craps, because results happen in front of their face.Some of these same players mistrust internet casinos since they can’t see how results are determined.

I’ve know longtime craps players who are still leery of online casinos, and they refuse to play through a smartphone or PC.

I understand that you can’t watch a shooter physically roll the 토토 dice and see the winning number live. But there are a few reasons why online casinos can’t and won’t cheat you.

Online craps results are determined by a random number generator (RNG). A craps RNG is programmed to offer the same odds as you’d get from playing a regular land-based craps game.

Your chances of rolling a 9 in craps are 9:1. Likewise, the online craps’ RNG is programmed to offer 9:1 odds of rolling a 9.

Of course, any casino can claim that their RNG is perfectly fair. But there have been rare instances in the past where online casinos’ RNGs weren’t perfect.

The chances of this happening these days, though, are extremely rare. Online casino software is better than ever before, meaning you’re unlikely to see any type of software glitch or mis-programming that alters the odds.

It’s worth adding that most online casinos don’t have proprietary software. Instead, they license software from a third party that runs the games for them.

Some online software providers that offer craps include Betsoft, Microgaming, NetEnt, Playtech, and Realtime Gaming.

These companies need to obtain licensing in jurisdictions where they operate. Therefore, online casino gaming providers have licenses in one or more jurisdictions.

A common licensing requirement is to have your RNG audited by a third party. Examples of third-party authors include eCOGRA and Technical Systems Testing (TST).

You can check the bottom of a casino homepage to see what software they’re running. You can then look at software provider(s) and see what licensing they have.

Sometimes casinos themselves display seals for third-party auditors at the bottom of their homepage. If you see a TST or eCOGRA seal, then you know that their casinos games have been tested for randomness of fairness.

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