Owner Jeong Yong-jin changed SNS again “Don’t be mistaken → The person who claims must prove it”

Following the sudden replacement of the championship team leader, the owner of SSG Landers, Jung Yong-jin (54), who is under controversy over the ‘secret power’, changed his personal SNS introduction again.

In the afternoon of the 15th, owner Jung said in his SNS introduction, “Demanding the impossible is not communication.” He added, “I believe in the other person’s words until I prove it,” adding, “I’m doing the same now.”

Previously, on the morning of the same day, owner Jung said, “This is a personal space, I hope you don’t mistake it for communication, and if you have a post that you don’t like or feel uncomfortable with, please let me know in the comments.” He then added, “I’ll make it invisible forever,” then deleted this last sentence. 토토

In SSG Landers, Seongyu Ryu, who led the team to a combined championship in the 2022 season, resigned voluntarily, and Seong-yong Kim, head of the Futures (2nd division) R&D center, took over as the new general manager. However, controversy arose as suspicions of the so-called ‘secret powerhouse’ were raised that an outsider with a close relationship with the club’s owner had intervened in the club’s business and personnel affairs.

It is interpreted that the introductory text posted on social media twice by owner Jung on this day revealed his thoughts on a series of recent events.

Earlier, some SSG fans issued a statement and said, “We can no longer ignore the secret powerhouse who is trying to run the club according to his own will while ignoring Incheon baseball, which has been going on for over 20 years, and the owner who supports him. Everyone who loves Incheon baseball joins forces. We must protect each other so that this does not happen again,” he predicted the truck protest.

On the other hand, the SSG club issued an official statement on the 14th and said, “The suspicion of’secret power’ is not true.” I’m not in any position to do that,” he said.

SSG Landers fans urged the club to clarify various suspicions after starting truck protests in various areas of Seoul from the 15th.

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