‘Rurr’ at a dog during a cycling competition

Road cyclists are accustomed to accidents that disrupt their race.

I was helpless in front of a dog that suddenly jumped in. 안전놀이터

This is Reporter Jeong Yoon-cheol. 

This is the ‘Giro d’Italia’, one of the world’s top 3 road cycling competitions.

During a race on a residential road, a puppy runs into the road. 

Confused by the sudden attack of the dog, the player loses his balance and collapses.

Last year’s World Championship winner Remco Ebeneful, who was following him, also had an accident due to the bike he missed.

Two years ago at the ‘Tour de France’, after a spectator holding a sign invaded the road and knocked down the players, another laughable incident occurred.

Eveneful struggled to his feet and resumed the race.

He gave a thumbs up to show he was okay, but the bad luck didn’t end there.

He crashed into another cyclist with 2.4km to go to the finish line and collapsed again.

Ebeneful finished 157th after switching bikes. 

The 5th leg of yesterday’s tournament was held in bad weather with rain. A giddy crash ensued just before the finish line, and Australia’s Groves took the win.

Due to the slippery road conditions, accidents occurred one after another with players rolling on the road.

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