Samsung Suarez, “My younger brother (SD Suarez) said that Kim Ha-seong is a quiet and kind player” [Oh!Ssen Okinawa]

Albert Suarez (Samsung Lions) and Robert Suarez (San Diego Padres) are known as pitcher brothers. 

His older brother Suarez, 안전놀이터who first stepped on Korean soil last year, appeared in 24 games and recorded only 6 wins and 8 losses. In addition, he did his part as a starter by achieving quality starts 19 times. 

His younger brother Suarez, who played for the Japanese professional baseball Hanshin Tigers for two years from 2020, became the king of salvation for two consecutive years and succeeded in advancing to the big leagues. In 45 games, his younger brother Suarez threw 47⅔ innings, 5 wins, 1 loss, 1 save, 11 holds, an average ERA of 2.27, and 61 strikeouts. . In November of last year, he signed a long-term contract with San Diego for five years and $46 million. 

Samsung fans support not only the older brother Suarez, but also the younger brother Suarez. He said, “I went to see the National League Championship Series between San Diego and Philadelphia in October of last year, and I was grateful that Korean fans recognized me.” 

Even if you are not a Samsung fan, there are many domestic baseball fans who support your younger brother Suarez. There is only one reason. It is because Kim Ha-sung is a colleague. 

My older brother Suarez said, “Unfortunately, I couldn’t meet Kim Ha-sung in person, but I feel that the relationship is very interesting. I am playing in Korea and my younger brother is playing on the same team as a player representing Korea. Because of this relationship, many people support not only me but also my younger brother. Maybe it is,” he said. 

His older brother Suarez said, “I heard from my younger brother that Ha-seong Kim is a quiet and kind player. 

Suarez, the older brother who earned the nickname ‘Sucry’ after suffering terrible bad luck last year, said, “I don’t try to force things that I can’t control. As a starting pitcher, when I get on the mound, my role is to give 100% of my abilities.” He said, “I can’t do anything other than that. That’s why I try to accept it calmly.” 

He also said, “I always want to contribute to the team’s victory. A quality start is one of the parts that can contribute to the team’s victory as a starting pitcher. I will try to achieve a quality start every time I start.”

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