Sanchez pitching live on the 17th, Lee Ui-ri starting on the 20th at the earliest… The clock is ticking for the KIA starting lineup to return.

Good news came to KIA, which did not give up on going straight to the semi-playoffs (jun PO). Foreign pitcher Mario Sanchez (29), who is recovering from elbow pain, has begun preparations for his return.토토사이트

KIA coach Kim Jong-guk said ahead of the game against Doosan held at Gwangju-KIA Champions Field on the 15th, “Sanchez will be pitching live on the 17th. “If he is pain-free, he may join during the week,” he said. On the 14th, we checked the condition of the bullpen pitcher in Gwangju and received a passing grade. He threw 50 balls, and it is said that 25 of them were thrown with about 80% force. Since he did not feel any pain, he decided to check whether to join the first team after conducting a practice test through live pitching.

Even if they join, it is necessary to manage the number of pitches and pitch intervals. The area where I felt pain was my elbow, and after two detailed examinations, I was diagnosed with damage to the medial collateral ligament of my right elbow. Although his condition is not serious enough to require surgery, he is in a critical condition, like holding a time bomb and throwing it away.

He underwent rehabilitation for about three weeks with injection treatment, and received advice that he could return to the mound. It appears that a plan for pitching in the remaining games will be made only after checking pain, maintaining pitch position, and recovery period after pitching through live pitching and actual pitching.

Lee Ui-ri, who was sidelined due to a blister on his finger, has also begun the process of returning. Coach Kim said, “(Lee) Ui-ri is expected to be able to pitch against Kiwoom on the 20th or against Hanwha on the 21st. “He may not be able to play long innings, but he will pitch at least one game before joining the Asian Games team.”

Since two starting pitchers are missing, KIA must play a three-game series against Doosan with replacement starters. First of all, Hwang Dong-ha is preparing for the game on the 16th. Kim Ki-hoon, whose opportunity to start as a pitcher was lost due to rain, is preparing to support the team from behind. For KIA, it is important to endure

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