Sangmin won’t spoil his brother number 3″… Jang Ho-ik’s promise to inherit Suwon’s legendary number ‘three’

Suwon Samsung’s uniform number 3 has been allowed to only one player for a long time. It was taken by defender Yang Sang-min, who recently retired from active duty and started a new career as a coach. Starting from this season, another junior will take over number 3. This is Jang Ho-ik, a side defender.

Jang Ho-ik, who made his professional debut through Suwon in 2016, is already celebrating his 7th year in Suwon this year. Except for the time in 2019 when he completed his military service at Sangju Sangmu (now Gimcheon Sangmu), he only worked in Suwon. He wore the uniform number 35, meaning he wanted to play until he was 35, and he constantly hit the ground.

For Jang Ho-ik, last season was a nightmare. 안전놀이터 This is because, for the first time since its founding, he managed to remain in the promotion playoffs. Jang Ho-ik, whom I recently met at Shilla Thai, Jeju-si, Jeju Special Self-Governing Province, a winter training ground in Suwon, said, “Last year was so bad. It was infinitely lacking. It was the hardest year. Especially, the playoffs were heartbreaking. I even cried after the playoffs. It was the first pain I experienced.” 

So, I returned my vacation. He said, “I did individual training in Japan with the desire to do better. I adjusted my weight to around 69kg, which is the best for running.

When asked what was particularly disappointing in the 2022 season, he said, “This is the year I felt the most sorry for. I saw a lot of fans crying every game. It was difficult. I’m trying to adapt little by little.”

Then, which defensive formation is personally more comfortable? Jang Ho-ik said, “My strength is defense, but a more defensive three-back is right. I prefer a three-back’s wingback. There is an ambiguous part because the four-back has to help both defend and attack. The four-back requires more. But (Lee Byung-geun ) What the director wants is a four-back, so you have to match it.”

Jang Ho-ik also knows that it must be a new wine suitable for a new military unit. He said, “I study and ask questions a lot during four-back training. I also watch a lot of videos that fit our tactics. I also watch our training videos. said.

This season, Jang Ho-ik steps on the big bird from No. 39 to No. 3. He inherited the number of senior presidential candidate Yang Sang-min. Jang Ho-ik said, “Sang-min hyung said, ‘When I retire, you wear it.’ I didn’t know if it was a joke or serious. Now that I’m a coach, I’m wearing it. Hyung is such a legend, so I wonder if I can still wear it.” revealed

As for the reason for the burden, “Number 3 is the lowest number, but it has the greatest weight. It’s an honor, but I’m worried that I won’t do well. Still, I have to follow in my brother’s footsteps and show a good image. My brother and I were roommates in the first year, and we were roommates and learned from each other. He has a lot of points. He says a lot of good things. During training, he jokes around saying, ‘If you’re going to do that, don’t be sweet.’ there is,” he said.

This season, Jang Ho-ik is gritting his teeth to rebound. He said, “Everyone is preparing well this year. (Lee) Gije hyung (Ko) Seung-beom is the captain and vice-captain, and I feel like this year will go well because I see him leading them into 

one . not. They are players who have been working together, so if the season goes well enough, they can not concede. There is not much of a problem as we have worked hand-in-hand with Gije-hyung, Bultuis, Myeong-seok, and Tae-hwan for several years. If you concede, it’s the defense’s fault. The strikers can finish the game only if they do not concede. I will be of some help this year,” he said with confidence.

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