Short Track Fontana “Soon to be a major decision”… Considering naturalization

Fontana posted on social media on the 25th, “It is impossible to restore trust with the skating federation,” and she said, “I will make an important decision soon.” “All the cards are on the table,” she added, “even the ones I hadn’t considered.” The Italian media speculated that ‘something they hadn’t considered’ was naturalization. Fontana conducted her field training in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. “I went to the US to see if the US could help me on my Olympic journey,” she revealed. She could fit the US into her Olympic itinerary, meaning she could even become a naturalized US citizen. 안전놀이터

The conflict between Fontana and the Skating Federation is deeply rooted. After the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Fontana’s conflict began when she hired her husband (Anthony Rovello) as her coach. Fontana, she claims, hates the skating federation that her husband is coaching. Her husband is also a former short track athlete.

Fontana teamed up with her husband at last year’s Beijing Winter Olympics, where she won gold in the women’s 500m and silver in the 1500m, at which point Fontana stressed that she “proved that her husband was a great coach.”

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