Sign Scandal’→Can’t enter Myeongjeon… American media Beltran Dudun “He’s not A-Rod

The only person inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2023 was Scott Rolen (48). On the 25th (hereinafter referred to as Korean time), the Baseball Journalists Association (BBWAA) announced the voting results for the selection of the hall inductees. Rolen, who has accumulated achievements such as unanimous Rookie of the Year, 8 Gold Glove Awards, and 7 All-Stars during his active career, recorded 76.3% of the votes, barely exceeding the standard for inclusion (75%), and was honored to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. After only his sixth challenge, he succeeded in being inducted into the Hall of Fame.

Controversy inevitably arises after the announcement of the Hall of Fame voting results every year because the subjectivity of the voters is inevitably involved. In particular, when the players involved in the banned substance scandal gained the right to vote in earnest, the controversy amplified. 

Roger Clemens, who had the most home runs (762) in his major league career, Barry Bonds with 7 MVPs, 354 wins, 4672 strikeouts, and 7 Cy Young Awards, was well qualified to join. However, as he wasted all 10 chances until last year without being able to get away from the drug charge, his entry was finally cancelled. Alex Rodriguez, who hit his 696 home run for the second time this year, was also suspended for 162 games after being caught taking drugs during his active career. He only received 35.7% of the vote. It is almost the same as last year’s 34.3% of the vote.  메이저놀이터

These are representative examples that show that inclusion in the Hall of Fame is not simply determined by records, but also the image of active players influencing the voting results. But controversy inevitably follows. Carlos Beltran, 46, who was inducted into the Hall of Fame for the first time this year, was also the subject of controversy after being involved in a scandal.

Beltrán achieved his first World Series championship while playing for the Houston Astros in 2017, his retirement season. However, in 2020, it was revealed that they had committed sign stealing by stealing signs with electronic devices such as cameras and monitors installed in their home stadium and then delivering them to the trash can. Houston’s win was marred by ‘sign stealing’ and ridiculed. Beltran was mentioned as a key figure in the signing scandal along with team officials and coaching staff, including then general manager Jeff Lunow, head coach AJ Hinch and bench coach Alex Cora (now Boston head coach).

In the end, Beltrán, who was scheduled to take over as the New York Mets’ head coach from the 2020 season, resigned from the manager’s post without directing a single game with the revelation of the autograph scandal. After that, he disappeared for a while and only recently returned to the baseball world.

Beltrán only garnered 46.5% of the vote in the Hall of Fame ballot. The 1999 Rookie of the Year Award, 9 All-Stars, 3 Gold Gloves, 2 Silver Sluggers, etc. The title of the best switch hitter in major league history, with a career record of 2725 hits, 435 homers and 312 stolen bases, was buried in a signing scandal and entered the Hall of Fame. I couldn’t enjoy the splendid achievement of entering the first year.

The American media ‘Newsday’ emphasized the unfair gaze toward Beltran. The media once again found a scapegoat for baseball,” he said. “Is Beltran still paying the price for what happened in 2017 with former Houston coach Hinch currently coaching Detroit and Corrado, who led the scandal, coaching Boston? “José Altuve is being booed, Hinch and Cora have been suspended, but Beltrán, who lost his job as Mets manager, ended his coaching career before it even started and was forced to distance himself from the industry,” he said.

He continued, “He is the only player among the players to be revealed at the time. This is because Beltrán retired after 2017. Commissioner Rob Manfred gave the players immunity in exchange for testimony, and avoided complaints from the players’ union by not disclosing the names of active players. But only Beltran was clearly punished. However, he emphasized the injustice of Beltran’s treatment, saying, “With a batting average of .231 in the last season, he did not benefit much.” 

In addition, distinguishing from the case of Alex Rodriguez, who was disciplined for taking drugs while the banned substance test was in progress, ‘Alex Rodriguez, who was punished by the longest business trip suspension in history for intentionally cheating during the crackdown on prohibited substances, “I’m not saying that Beltran’s cheating should be totally forgiven,” he said. But he paid the full price. Beltrán emphasized, “He should have been in the Hall of Fame.”

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