‘Smile instead of tears’ Kim Soo-hyun “I want to hear the national anthem”

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Kim Soo-hyun, who shed tears at the Tokyo Olympics, won a gold medal at the Asian Weightlifting Championships.

He said he expressed the joy of winning the gold medal through a song.

This is reporter Lee Myung-no.

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Kim Soo-hyun shed tears at the Tokyo Olympics two years ago after an unfortunate disqualification decision.

What he did to get me through the tough times was positivity.

He was pushed to 2nd place in the impression due to the good performance of the Thai player, but he did not lose his smile.. Even at the moment when he failed to lift 134kg in the 2nd round of jerk, he overcame the tension with a smile in the waiting seat.

And a smile spread across his face as he was convinced that he had lifted the bar without a hitch on his final 3rd session.

[Kim Soo-hyun/National weightlifting representative]
“I made up my mind like this. I thought, ‘I never lift alone. (Around me) lift it together.

‘ first gold medal.

Kim Soo-hyun, who sang along with his national anthem, raised his expectations for the Hangzhou Asian Games.

[Kim Soo-hyun/National weightlifting representative]
“I really want to win a prize (in Hangzhou). (In the Asian Games) I always placed 4th, so when I was 20 or 24 years old… I really want to win and hear the proper national anthem this time.”메이저사이트

My boyfriend who cheered me on today too.

I am more excited to participate in the Asian Games with Pi Jae-yoon, the national karate representative.

[Kim Soo-hyun/National weightlifting representative]
“(Jae-yoon) was in front of me. So I kept watching.”

[Pi Jae-yoon/Karate national representative-Kim Soo-hyun/Weightlifting national representative]
“Jae-yoon is also going to the Asian Games. <We will both meet at the Hangzhou Asian Games with good results.>

” Kim Soo-hyun also expressed the joy of winning the gold medal with a song at the press conference.

“I’ll show you, a completely different me. I’ll show you, a much prettier me. Like a fool, I won’t cry because of love, because of you who left me.”

[Kim Soo-hyun/National weightlifting representative]
“I will do my best until the end. And I would appreciate it if you would support me until the end.”

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