“SON competitor? Backups are dangerous too!” Tottenham can’t believe Richarlison. Focus on recruiting 22-year-old new striker

 Richarli Song, who was considered a strong competitor to Son Heung-min, was in danger of losing his backup position as well.

The British Express said on the 22nd (Korean time), ‘Tottenham are more likely to make a choice that will upset Richarlison. Tottenham are interested in signing Red Bull Salzburg 22-year-old forward Noah Okafor. Richarlison is the player who will provide competition for the position’. 안전놀이터

The media said, ‘Tottenham has a solid three-top of Harry Kane, Son Heung-min, and Dejan Klusevski. It was not easy for Richarlison to get a chance to play in this gap. He said, ‘It was a very disappointing performance this season, to the extent that he himself expressed it as ‘S ***’.

Richarlison, who was Everton’s ace, moved to Tottenham this season. Initially, he was expected to compete for the starting position in the attacking line along with Son Heung-min and Klusepski. He even made a starter recently. However, he did not have a big impact.

Therefore, at this point, Hishalli Song is not a competitor to Son Heung-min, but is in a situation where his backup position can be threatened.

Okafor, whom Tottenham are eyeing, has dual citizenship in Switzerland and Nigeria. After going through the youth team in Basel, Switzerland, he is active as a leading striker for Red Bull Salzburg. He can play as a winger as well as a center player, and is a player with quick speed, technique and intelligent play. Liverpool, Inter Milan and Newcastle are already targeting him.

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