SON reprimanded Dyer, absent due to accumulated warnings… Tottenham’s defense is also empty

Tottenham will continue the Champions League schedule with a power gap.스포츠토토

Tottenham lost 0-1 in the first leg of the round of 16 of the UEFA Champions League in the 2022-23 season against AC Milan held in Milan, Italy on the 15th (Korean time). Tottenham, who lost the first game, must win the second game at home next month to look forward to the quarterfinals.

Tottenham played the match against AC Milan in a power vacuum. Midfielder Hojbjerg was sidelined due to an accumulated yellow card, while Bentancur and Bisuma were sidelined through injuries. Goalkeeper Lloris also missed the game due to injury.

Tottenham defender Dyer, who played full-time in the first leg of the Champions League round of 16 against AC Milan, received a warning in the 18th minute of the second half. Dyer received his third Champions League yellow card this season, making him unavailable for the second leg of the round of 16 against AC Milan due to accumulated cautions.

Dyer also expressed dissatisfaction with Son Heung-min in the first leg of the round of 16 against AC Milan. In the 30th minute of the second half, Son Heung-min lost the ball in the Tottenham camp and allowed AC Milan a quick attack, and defender Dyer struggled to block the opponent’s attack. Afterwards, Dyer sent a strong gesture to Son Heung-min and warned him.

Tottenham played the match in the first leg of the round of 16 of the Champions League against AC Milan in a situation where three key midfielders were absent and the midfield collapsed. In Tottenham’s home game in the second leg of the round of 16 against AC Milan, Hoivier can participate, but Bentancur, who has been ruled out of the season, is virtually impossible to participate. Tottenham’s participation in the AC Milan match between Bisuma and Lloris was also unclear, and Dyer’s warning accumulation also created a defensive gap.

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