Spring volleyball in the director’s debut season… Kwon Young-min’s smile “It’s happiness to have a claim like Park Chul-woo, it’s not common for players like that”

“I am happy to have a captain like Park Chul-woo on the team.”

Kwon Young-min, coach of Korea Electric Power Corporation, tasted the happiness of going to spring volleyball in his managerial debut season. KEPCO recorded 53 points (17-19) and advanced to the semi-playoffs in 4th place. On the 22nd, Woori Card and Seoul Jangchung Gymnasium will have a semi-playoff. 온라인카지노

It wasn’t easy. In the middle of the season, he fell into a 9-game losing streak, but he did not give up. Even when we lost 9 times in a row, bringing 4 points came as a great fortune in the current situation.

On Media Day on the 20th, coach Kwon Young-min said, “(Ha) Seung-woo and (Seo) Jae-deok are the key players,” and then said, “I’m really grateful to the players. He struggled a lot when he lost 9 games in a row, and he came all the way here after receiving expensive tutoring.”

Director Kwon continued, “Both Na Kyung-bok and Agamez are scary. One side has to be blocked. Trying to shake it with a strong serve. Our team’s blocking isn’t bad, so I’ll try to counterattack.”

Coach Kwon Young-min did not forget to praise this player. It is Park Cheol-woo. Park Cheol-woo is a living legend in the V-League as the captain of KEPCO. He spent a lot of time in the warm-up zone this season, but he did his part every time he came in.

Director Kwon said, “Park Cheol-woo is also preparing. He has skills and has strong energy. He always leads by example. It’s a blessing to have such a claim. His juniors have no choice but to follow. When you enter the court, there is a synergistic effect. Players like that are rare.”

Will KEPCO be able to catch Woori Card in the semi-playoff this season as well as last season?

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