‘Superminator’ Choi Myung-jin revives… 2 gold medals at the National Track and Field Championships

 Iridong Middle School (Principal Kim Yun-ja) Choi Myung-jin has returned to his former self.

According to the Jeonbuk Office of Education on the 19th, Choi Myung-jin recently won gold medals in the 100m (10 seconds 96) and 200m (22 seconds 20) at the ’52nd Spring Middle and High School Athletics Championships held in Yecheon, Gyeongsangbuk-do. 메이저놀이터

When Choi Myung-jin was in the 6th grade of Iri Elementary School, he set new records in every competition he participated in and earned the nickname ‘Superminator’. However, his recent two years have not been good due to the reduction of competitions and injuries due to his Corona 19.

Choi Myung-jin, who had been concentrating on treatment and rehabilitation, succeeded in making a comeback through this tournament. In particular, the full support of Park Se-geun’s sports team leader and parents who developed and applied an individual training program suitable for his student’s physical condition and event was a great help.

Choi Myung-jin (3rd grader at Iri-dong Middle School) said, “I focused on training not to commit fouls at the start, and I have been focusing on physical training that can continue until the second half.” .

Park Se-geun, athletics team leader, said, “It was very helpful to develop a training method suitable for Myung-jin Choi’s physical condition and the characteristics of the sport and apply it to training consistently.” I want to,” he said.

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