Tatis before returning “It was so nice to run again”

After the return match, Fernando Tatis Jr.’s expression looked much brighter.

San Diego Padres outfielder Tatis started right field for the first time in an away game against the Arizona Diamondbacks held at Chase Field in Phoenix, Arizona on the 21st (Korean time). It was the first game he played after completing the disciplinary action he received in August of last year for taking prohibited drugs.

On this day, he recorded no hits in 5 at bats and struck out 2, but in the right field defense, he showed a good ratio at the end of the 8th inning and showed potential.

“It was really great,” he said in an interview after the match. It was so nice to be able to run again. I enjoyed it,” he said, expressing his feelings about his comeback. When asked if he was nervous, he replied, “Of course I was nervous, but after the first at-bat in the first inning, I was relieved.” 스포츠토토

Regarding his batting content on this day, he said, “I think I showed good content at bat. He also made strong batting balls. I think the opposing pitchers pitched really well against me. After all, he is baseball.”

Regarding the unfamiliar right field defense, “It is a new challenge. are accepting It was good to be able to gain experience through today’s game. I am still learning and getting better.”

Coach Bob Melvin said, “I hit a good ball in the last at-bat. It wouldn’t have been easy. It didn’t hit 4 or 5 hits like everyone expected, but it contributed to the team.”

In particular, regarding the defense in the 8th inning, “I was looking at the bullpen matchup (thinking it would be a double) without looking at the defense scene. But when I saw the crowd cheering, he caught the ball,” he said, adding that it was an unexpected defense.

“It is not easy for a shortstop to go to right field. There was even a time gap here. He had good plays, and he had plays to learn. I’m not sure if the cutoff man was in his position in the throwing situation. Anyway, he will be fine.”

Tatis, who played in the big league game for the first time since the last 2021 season, answered the question, “Was there a moment when I realized how much I missed the game while playing today?” “I remembered all the moments I’ve been through so far,” recalling the past times when I couldn’t run due to injuries and discipline.

On the other hand, in his at-bat that day, the ball came deep into his body several times. When asked if he had any feelings about this, he said, “I think I tried to throw it into the body corner. It can happen. I don’t think there was any intention. Part of the game,” he replied.

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