‘Terminator’ Woods “A screw protruded through the skin at the PGA Championship last year”

It has been revealed that the reason Tiger Woods (USA) withdrew during the PGA Championship last May was because of a terrible situation in which the screw he had driven in during leg surgery protruded out of his skin.

Jason Day (Australia) met with reporters prior to the final round of the Masters held at Augusta National Golf Club in the United States on the 10th (Korean time) and said, “I had a conversation with Woods at the PGA Championship last year, and the screw that I put in my body came out through my skin. They said they abstained without it,” he said. It was like the image of the robo-human in the movie ‘Terminator’.

Woods withdrew after finishing the third round with a 79 at last year’s PGA Championship. It was the first time I had withdrawn from a major tournament. 스포츠토토

At the time, he did not clarify the reason for his withdrawal, but it was reported that his physical condition was so bad that it was difficult to continue the game.

Woods, who was badly injured in a car accident in February 2021, with both his legs broken, had many screws and iron rods inserted to fix his right foot and ankle bones.

When asked how many screws and iron cores he had in his body, Woods answered “a lot”.

It is explained that during the PGA Championship, he withdrew because he could not walk because the screw he had driven into his foot pierced his skin at that time.

In this Masters, Woods passed the cut, but withdrew after playing until the 7th hole in the 3rd round.

Woods complained of pain in the bottom of his foot as if plantar fasciitis had recurred.

After suffering a car accident, he went through tough rehabilitation and regained some of his former swing, such as hitting a long hit that exceeded 300 yards, but admitted that walking was difficult.

Augusta National Golf Club has particularly steep uphill and downhill slopes, which made walking difficult for Woods. In addition, inclement weather, cold temperatures, and the forced march leading up to the remainder of the game were fatal blows for Woods.

Day said, “Woods seemed to be having a hard time. At least it wasn’t a perfect condition to finish the round,” Day said.

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