“Thank you number 35″… Dodgers Say Goodbye to ‘Superstar’ Bellinger

“Thank you.”

On the 15th (Korean time), the Chicago Cubs officially announced the signing of Cody Bellinger (27), who was recently released from the Los Angeles Dodgers and was eligible for a free agent (FA). Bellinger, who signed a two-year contract worth up to $38.5 million (about 50 billion won), made the first transfer in his life.

Bellinger had many good memories with the Dodgers. After wearing the Dodgers uniform with the 124th overall pick in the 4th round of the 2013 Major League Rookie Draft, he stepped through the minor leagues step by step and debuted in the big leagues in 2017. From the first year of his debut, he has captured the attention of many fans with his explosive destructive power. He became a star player by winning the National League Rookie of the Year with 39 homers and a slugging percentage of 0.581.

The following year, Bellinger, who had been sluggish for a while due to the second-year jinx, hit a career high in 2019, his third year. He was named National League MVP with a batting average of 0.305 (170 hits in 588 at-bats), 47 home runs, and 115 RBIs with an OPS of 1.035. 안전놀이터

Since then, his performance has been on a downward curve, but in 2020, he helped the Dodgers win the World Series and earned a championship ring. It was an unforgettable Dodgers life in many ways, from rookie of the year to league MVP and winning the World Series.

When Bellinger’s transfer to the Cubs was officially announced, the Dodgers said goodbye to him on the club’s official social media. “Thank you for everything from Rookie of the Year to League MVP to World Series Champion. We will miss the energy you brought to Dodger Stadium. Good luck with the Cubs. Thank you for number 35 (Bellinger’s Dodgers days). uniform number)”.

In this post, Dodgers fans also sent messages of support to Bellinger. Comments such as “Bellinger is an eternal Dodgers legend”, “Thank you for all this time, Bellinger”, and “Bellinger, I will miss you” were left.

Meanwhile, Bellinger recorded a batting average of 0,203 (209 hits in 1032 at-bats), 41 homers and 134 RBIs over the past three years, including the 2020 season, which was shortened due to Corona 19.

Despite a seemingly endless slump, Cubs general manager Carter Hawkins said, “We are left-handed hitters and were looking for a good center fielder. Bellinger is a good fit for this team situation. The Cubs have right-handed hitters, and there is a gap in center field. I needed Bellinger,” he said, expressing his expectation for his performance.

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