The 129-win pitcher is not forgotten… Lee Seung-yeop’s first name

Head coach Lee Seung-yeop, the new head coach of the Doosan Bears, first mentioned Jang Won-joon’s name ahead of his departure for spring camp. With Lee Hyeon-seung’s retirement, Jang Won-joon is the best in Doosan’s pitching team. He is the best left-handed starting pitcher in the league, having had 129 wins in the KBO League and a leading role in the Doosan Dynasty, but he has been constantly fighting himself over the past four years. He also changed his position and spent time in the 2nd Army. The affected area was also inspected. However, since the 2018 season, he has not won for four consecutive seasons. It was comforting that he showed a better form than the 안전놀이터 preceding three seasons with a 3.71 ERA with 6 holds in 27 games last year.

A time of falling restraints and endless troubles. Amidst the growth of young players, the breadth of his use has also become obscure. There were predictions that Jang Won-joon might retire from active duty because he became the best pitcher in the pitching team, but coach Lee Seung-yeop wanted to work with Jang Won-joon. Of course, Jang Won-joon’s name was also included in the first team camp list in Australia.

Prior to leaving the camp on the 29th, director Lee Seung-yeop, who met with reporters, first brought up Jang Won-joon’s name. Director Lee said, “Jang Won-joon is actually old now, and has been sluggish in the past few years. In a way, it’s time to gradually prepare for a breakup, but I don’t want to see that. Jang Won-joon is a pitcher who won 129 wins. No matter how fast he is. Even if he fell, I cannot ignore the experience and experience of a pitcher who has won more than 120. I hope that I can see him in the first team, whether in any role, starting or middle. To that end, this camp is very important, “he said.

It is for the same reason that manager Lee Seung-yeop picked Jang Won-joon and Kim Jae-ho as the pillars of pitching that should hold the center of the team. Coach Lee Seung-yeop said, “Won-Jun is quiet. Still, as a veteran, I hope he can lead his juniors. In fact, teamwork is very important. I think that if Jang Won-Jun takes good care of his juniors, his own abilities will improve as well.” he emphasized.

The revival of Jang Won-joon, who desperately wants a new director. It is time to set an example of the right veteran who has a positive effect on the team as much as the growth of the ‘young guns’. Only when Jang Won-joon comes back to life can Doosan take center stage.

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