The 6th stage of the basketball festival that melted the cold winter was also successfully completed

The sports basketball festival held in Hongcheon ended safely.

The 6th Gangwon-do Association President’s Life Sports Basketball Tournament opened on the 10th at Hongcheon General Gymnasium and two other places in Hongcheon-gun, Gangwon-do, and ended the 2-week long journey with the middle school schedule on the 18th.

This tournament, held in Hongcheon-gun, which is being reborn as the representative basketball mecca of Gangwon-do, was prepared in the sense of ending the year in line with the time when the sports world, which had been stagnant due to Corona 19, is regaining vitality this year. 토토

In keeping with the meaning of a basketball festival for life sports, this tournament started with a game between the club division and the 40s on the 10th, and the high school division, as well as the elementary and middle school divisions in the 2nd week, all the games were held.

Regardless of the type, the court was just hot as if you didn’t realize the cold weather at all in every game. The players who participated seemed to be pouring all their skills in order to cherish the opportunity to participate in the competition prepared until the last month of the year.

As a result, Chuncheon’s legend in the club division and Wonju’s 3 points in the 40’s enjoyed the joy of winning the championship. In addition, Lee Min-seong and Lee Dong-ryeol of each team enjoyed the honor of winning the MVP.

In the youth division that unfolded afterwards, the Wonju YKK basketball class showed a super strength. Wonju YKK showed their spirit by winning all 6 categories from elementary school to high school in this competition. Wonju YKK, which showed outstanding organizational skills in each category, overcame the fierce pursuit of the opposing teams and took the top spot.

In addition, basketball classes from various regions such as Cheongju Dream Team, Woowa Sports, and Pyeongtaek Kim Hoon participated in the youth division, adding meaning to the basketball festival by showing off their potential.

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