The great reversal of the first place in the save, what the hell has changed… “It’s a pokeball textbook” praised by seniors

SG Landers closer Jin-yong Seo is having an amazing season.

It is SSG who was worried about the bullpen so much that it did not confirm a fixed finisher until just before the opening. However, it was decided to entrust the finishing role to Seo Jin-yong, who had the most experience in saving. He also had anxiety because he showed somewhat ups and downs until last year.카지노사이트

However, Seo Jin-yong’s 2023 season is the most spectacular since his debut. He appeared in 37 games in the first half, recording 25 saves and a 1.21 earned run average. There are no blown saves. He currently leads the league in saves. From the beginning of the opening, the speed rose much faster than in previous years, and he blocked the back door without missing a save chance. Even if runners are let out, the run rate is very low compared to the past.

He also challenges team save history. If this continues, Seo Jin-yong, including the predecessor SK Wyverns, will become the fourth pitcher in team history to achieve 30 saves. The club’s single-season record for most saves was achieved by Ha Jae-hoon (36 saves) in 2019, second was current pitching coach Jo Woong-cheon (2003, 30 saves), and third was Jung Woo-ram, current Hanwha pitcher (2012, 30 saves). As he surpassed 25 saves in the first half alone, if he adds 12 more saves in the second half, he can break Jae-hoon Ha’s record. It is a face that is possible enough.

How does teammate and veteran senior Noh Kyung-eun view Seo Jin-yong’s performance? Noh Kyung-eun praised him, saying, “Last year, when Jin Yong-i went up, I was anxious when a runner went on base. But this year, even if there are more than two runners, I feel like I will eventually stop. My ability to manage the crisis has really improved.”

He added, “Seo Jin-yong is a complete forkball. He throws a forkball like a textbook. I think he was able to become a good closer because he has such a forkball.”

He, of course, can’t forget the help of his colleagues. The SSG bullpen, which includes Noh Kyung-eun, Koh Hyo-jun, Choi Min-jun, Lee Row-un, Baek Seung-geon, and Lim Jun-seop, has the lowest average ERA in the bullpens of 10 clubs this season. Noh Kyung-eun laughed and said, “Jin Yong-yi insists, ‘We have a stake in what you did well’. There were hardly any appearances in the 8th inning. As a joke, I tell him to acknowledge our stake.”

Manager Kim Won-hyung picked Seo Jin-yong as the MVP for the first half. It is the 2023 season with many changes for him. As the team is challenging for the championship, Seo Jin-yong’s performance is very important in the remaining second half. A lot depends on how much his performance in the first half continues into the second half. The record of glory is a bonus.

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