The song is ‘Mr. Chu’, Seungri is ‘Master Choi

As if receiving support from ‘Mr.

Choi Min-jeong advanced to the semi-finals by finishing first in the women’s 1500m preliminary round of the KB Financial ISU World Short Track Championships 2023 (short track championship) held at the ice rink in Mok-dong, Seoul on the 10th with a time of 2 minutes 23 seconds 12.

Choi Min-jeong, who finished first at the 5th ISU World Cup (Dresden), was ranked 4th in the women’s 1500m (13.5 laps) world rankings. 바카라사이트

On this day, she, along with Choi Min-jung, included Michel Belzewor (Netherlands), Gabriela Topolska (Poland), Katarina Buric (Croatia), Charlotte Hayward (England) and Pok Alisa (Singapore) in Group 4.

In the match held with girl group A Pink’s song, Mr. Chu, Choi Min-jung, who raced at the innermost part of the stadium, relaxed her strength as soon as the match started and started the competition in the lowest place.

Choi Min-jeong, who rose to 5th place in the first half lap, rose to 3rd place in the middle of the race, 6.5 laps, and she quickly moved to 2nd place, and with 3 laps left to go, she overtook Beelzebuor, who was running in 1st place, and sprinted to the lead. .

Minjeong Choi, who had been close to catching up with the last group, moved to the top of her group with a time of 2:23.12. Second place was Belzevoor, who opened the way for Choi Min-jung.

Meanwhile, in the next group 6 match, Kim Geon-hee competed with the living legend of women’s short track speed skating, Suzanne Schwilting (Netherlands), Rebecca Slickjay-Nemet (Hungary), Katrin Manorivola (Bulgaria), and Chataysong Tanuchaya (Bulgaria). Thailand) and Emma Himpanova (Slovakia).

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