The unfinished ‘Lim Young-woong effect’… The number of related video views reached 2.16 million

 The ‘Lim Young-woong effect’ continues in the professional soccer world. Following the crowds flocking to the confrontation between FC Seoul and Daegu FC that Lim Young-woong was looking for, related video contents are also recording huge views on various platforms.

On the 8th, Lim Young-woong performed at the Seoul and Daegu match held at the Seoul World Cup Stadium and performed congratulatory performances. To see this, existing K-League fans as well as Lim Young-woong’s fan club ‘Heroic Age’ flocked to record 45,007 spectators. 토토사이트

This is the largest number of spectators in all domestic professional sports since the novel coronavirus infection (Corona 19) and the largest number since 2018 when paid spectator counting began in the K-League. It is the 14th most in K-League history. The ripple effect was so great.

The effect continued even after the game was over. The video of Lim Young-woong’s halftime celebration performance, uploaded on Seoul’s official YouTube site, recorded a whopping 2.16 million views in two days, becoming an issue every day.

The ‘Zoom in Seoul’ Daegu match, which included a scene in which Lim Young-woong prepared a timepiece and greeted the players in the tunnel, also recorded 160,000 views. It is overwhelmingly higher than the same content in other matches that left 8,000 to 10,000 views.

Even on various short platforms such as Reels, videos such as Lim Young-woong’s poetry celebration and waving in the crowd are gaining explosive popularity.

In addition, in the community, the story of Lim Young-woong performing in soccer boots to protect the ground and the story of ‘Heroic Age’ cleaning the spectators after the game are spreading as a story, and it is still a hot issue.

Meanwhile, Seoul is determined not to stop this issue as a one-off surprise show, but to continue its interest in the next home game, the Super Match against Suwon Samsung at 2:00 pm on the 22nd.

An official from Seoul said, “We are considering various ways to revisit the K-League for the first time through the Lim Young-woong effect.”

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