They fought back after 433 days… “I’m not satisfied, I need to be more perfect

Ginseng Corporation scored a set score 3:1 안전놀이터 in an away game against Heungkuk Life Insurance in the Dodram 2022-2023 V-League Women’s Division held at Samsan World Gymnasium in Incheon on the 25th. won with Ginseng Corporation gained 3 points and rose to 4th place, beating GS Caltex (11-12 losses, 33 points) with 11-13 losses and 35 points. Ginseng Corporation won a victory against Heungkuk Life Insurance 433 days after November 18, 2021.

An even attack shone. In particular, he broke down the opponent’s blocking wall by actively utilizing middle blocker Jeong Ho-young. Jeong Ho-young was in charge of 21 points, including 3 blocking points, and scored the second most points in the team after foreign main gun Elisabeth’s 25 points. Lee So-young also played her part with 16 points.

After the game, Ko Hee-jin, head coach of Ginseng Corporation, said, “It was an important game before entering the All-Star Game. There were many mistakes, but the result was good, so I am grateful.” I said I would, but it didn’t come out during the game. I shouldn’t be satisfied with the current situation. I’ll train to be perfectly close.”

Coach Koh said, “Jeong Ho-young has really good physical condition. He is very smart and has a quick understanding. I decided that he could improve in that area, so I tried to make him run steadily.” I am doing well,” he said.

Coach Ko continued, “They said that there is a point in the fast attack. I didn’t understand that at first, but now I’m proud to see that I’m doing well.” He said that it seems to be an important path for Jung Ho-young. Thank you for coming alive in the 4th set.”

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