‘Tokyo Tears of Redemption’ Shin Yu-bin ‘Beat the world’s top 10 and make the quarterfinals’

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In an international table tennis competition where only the top players participate, Shin Yu-bin avenged her defeat at the Tokyo Olympics against the world’s 10th-ranked player and reached the quarterfinals.

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In the quarterfinals of the women’s team at the last Tokyo Olympics, Shin Yu-bin faced Han Ying, a naturalized German citizen from China, with Han Ying, a ‘master of defensive table tennis’.

The defeat at that time also eliminated the national team from the quarterfinals.

[Shin Yu-bin/Table tennis team (at the Tokyo Olympics)]
“Jeon Ji-hee unnie did a good job, but I feel sorry that I couldn’t keep up with her 안전놀이터


It was completely different this time.

At 39, she won her first game after her deuce battle against Ying Han, still world number 10.

She brings her second game with a relentless attack that doesn’t hold back.

The score was 2-1 as she gave up the third game to her opponent’s tenacious defense.

A breathtaking rally continued in the fourth game, and this scene was the highlight.

Shin Yu-bin, who shook her from side to side with a quick one-beat attack, literally made Han Ying sit down.

With her trailing 8-10, she didn’t lose her focus and came from behind to win by 4 points in a row!

The moment she avenged her defeat with tears and advanced to the quarterfinals, she herself was deeply moved. I am looking forward to the next game of Shin Yubin who has grown even more. Video editing: Minho Kim

This event is only for the world’s top players.

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