Toronto coach Schneider saved a woman from choking at a restaurant

Toronto Blue Jays coach John Schneider saved a woman from suffocation.

According to local media such as, manager Schneider recently saved a woman in danger of suffocation at a restaurant in Dunedin, Florida, where Toronto’s spring camp was being held.

According to the media, director Schneider was having lunch with his wife when he witnessed a woman at a nearby table eating shrimp and losing consciousness after her airway was blocked. Other customers in the restaurant who watched this were stamping her feet, not knowing what to do, but Director Schneider approached the woman from behind, wrapped her arms around her abdomen, and lifted her up vigorously to remove food from her airways.안전놀이터

He rescued the woman from danger by using the Heimlich maneuver, an emergency rescue technique used when there is a risk of choking with food or foreign objects. 

“I learned that in sixth grade and haven’t thought about it since then,” Schneider said. So he had to remember how to do it. I think being a bit bigger helped a little,” he explained about the situation at the time.

He continued, “She said thank you and went on to eat with his party. We said ‘see you later’. I didn’t want a big compliment,” he added.

The media said, ‘The restaurant is near Dunedin’s TD Ballpark, where Toronto’s spring camp is held, and within walking distance of the stadium. When the situation calmed down, the restaurant manager thanked the Schneiders and was offered a free beer.

Coach Schneider took over as acting manager after coach Charlie Monteyo was fired in July of last year, and led the team to the postseason with a record of 46 wins and 28 losses. Afterwards, he signed a 3+1 year contract with Toronto, took off the acting tag, and took over as a full-time manager to direct this season

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