‘Tottenham fans have already left the stadium!’… ‘Disastrous’ last home game, possibility of advancing to European competition ↓ + possibility of Kane transfer ↑

 It was Tottenham’s last home game that was miserable.

Tottenham suffered a 1-3 come-from-behind defeat in the 37th round of the English Premier League (EPL) in the 2022-23 season against Brentford held at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in London, England on the 20th.먹튀검증

Tottenham took the lead with Harry Kane’s opening goal in the 8th minute of the first half, but in the second half they conceded two goals to Brian Mbemo and one goal to Yoan Wissa, completing a 1-3 come-from-behind defeat.

Tottenham, who suffered two consecutive defeats, fell to 8th place in the league with 57 points. The European Football Federation (UEFA) Champions League (UCL), which is given up to 4th place in the league, has already been frustrated, and Tottenham aimed for the UEFA Europa League (UEL), which can go up to 6th place, but even this became difficult. In addition, even the Europa Conference League (UECL), which comes in 7th place, has become unpredictable.

And with the disastrous last home game loss, Harry Kane’s future was also more uncertain. Kane achieved the history of the 300th EPL starter that day, and roared with the opening goal, but eventually became the protagonist of the miserable last home game.

Local media reported that there is a high possibility of Kane’s transfer, saying that Tottenham will not be able to compete in the European competition next season. Kane is receiving love calls from Manchester United and Paris Saint-Germain. The situation pushed back to 8th place by Tottenham. The possibility of Kane making a shocking decision increased.

After the game, Britain’s ‘BBC’ reported, “It was Tottenham’s last miserable home game. Some Tottenham fans had already left the stadium before the match was over.”

The media added, “This match has again raised doubts about Kane’s future at Tottenham.”

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