Toward the Youth Olympics… Luge Youth Team, first call-up training of the season

D-253 Ahead of the 2024 Gangwon Winter Youth Olympic Games (hereafter referred to as the Youth Olympics), the Korean luge youth team will begin their first training session for six days from May 14 at Gangneung Olympic Park Gangneung Hockey Center.

The Korea Luge Federation (hereafter referred to as the federation) selected 11 youth players through a selection match on February 28th, and 4 of them (2 males and 2 females) were selected as national teams at the same time. During this call-up training, it will be conducted jointly with the national team. National team coach Wolfgang joined the national team training despite the off-season period. As this training is a technology-intensive training (hereinafter referred to as Tech Block), it is necessary to accompany many sports science elements to support technical analysis and filming through start movements, so the Korea Institute of Sports Policy Science (KISS) Luge Close Support Team will also be involved. .

Wolfgang Staudinger, the general manager of luge in Korea, who visited Korea on the 10th to oversee this convocation training, said, “Tech Block is widely known in Germany and Austria, which are advanced sledding events, to strengthen skills through the analysis of the team’s skills and movements, but in Korea, It is one of the advanced training systems that is being tried for the first time. This is an essential training before the start of the season, and two more sessions are scheduled each in July and September, including this round. In the case of the relatively young youth team preparing for the 2024 Gangwon Winter Youth Olympics, this will show a tremendous improvement in their skills that they have never experienced before.”안전놀이터

Last season, which was the first season under Wolfgang’s leadership, the Korean Luge Youth Team won more than 80% of the requirements for participating in the Youth Olympics in all events except for the newly established women’s two-seater. Participation in the team relay is also expected to be easy.

Park Ji-eun, president of the Korea Luge Federation (vice-president of the International Luge Federation), said, “Our student athletes have achieved considerable skill development and international competition results from the first season despite the limited number of training days. We will continue to provide unstinting support to the youth team and general manager Wolfgang’s system, which have shown such achievements. Director Wolfgang and the federation have shared the same ideology from the beginning: ‘Youth training is the future of Korean luge’. I am happy to show results from the first season, and I look forward to seeing the impact of my efforts in the upcoming Youth Olympics to give a shock to the world luge.”

In fact, despite the non-contract period, the federation specially invited Majek coach (in charge of technology) to reinforce the leadership skills and support technical training for the athletes and domestic leaders during this convocation training, and moved to Gangneung instead of the existing Pyeongchang Olympic Sliding Center. We continue to provide generous support and new attempts, such as preparing training camps.

Shin Yu-bin (Sangji Gwanryeong High School) was a female athlete at the ITW (International Training Week), a test event for the 2024 Gangwon Winter Youth Olympic Games held in Pyeongchang from January 30 to February 12, and the Youth A Continental Cup, in which 200 athletes from 18 countries participated. Expectations are high on how the Korean luge youth team, which has proven its potential on the world stage by entering the top 10 single-seater, will perform at the upcoming 2024 Gangwon Winter Youth Olympics and furthermore at the 2026 Milano Cortina d’Ampecho Winter Olympics.

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