Unexpected transfer rumors’ Tottenham try to sign ‘Bellingham’… ‘brother’ not ‘brother’

The 2022 World Cup star in Qatar and 19-year-old wonderkid Bellingham is one of the hottest players right now. The world’s biggest clubs jumped in to sign Bellingham. Real Madrid, Liverpool and Paris Saint-Germain are all seeking to sign Bellingham.

Real Madrid is showing its willingness to 먹튀검증 pay up to 150 million euros (201.4 billion won) for his ransom.

Tottenham jumping into such a fierce battle for Bellingham?

Bellingham is right, but not that Bellingham. The Bellingham that receives love calls from big clubs is Jude Bellingham (Dortmund), and the Bellingham that Tottenham is aiming for is Job Bellingham (Birmingham City). He is the younger brother of Jude Bellingham. He is 17 years old this year.

England’s ‘Football Insider’ reported on the 29th (Korean time), “We have received unexpected news. Tottenham is trying to sign Bellingham. This is information from an inside source.”

The media continued, “Tottenham have a strong interest in Jude Bellingham’s younger brother, Jobe Bellingham. They are planning to sign him in the summer transfer window. The potential of the teenager is also being noticed by other big clubs. “Tottenham want to lay the groundwork for the signing of Bellingham before the competition intensifies.”

Finally, the media said, “Bellingham made his debut in Birmingham’s first team a year ago at the age of 16 and settled down. He has played in 15 games this season. He is also consistently selected for England’s age-specific national team. Not only in the center, but also on both sides. He is an attacking midfielder who can also be used in the field.”

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