Unsatisfactory ‘flame shooter’, broken pace in the second half

This year’s KBL regular league MVP pace is clearly different from the first half and the second half. Until the middle of the season, Goyang Carrot Jeon Seong-hyeon (31‧188.6cm) dominated the stage, but after that, as the overwhelming momentum slowed down, Seoul SK Kim Seon-hyung (34‧187cm) terrifyingly entered, and Anyang KGC Byun Jun-hyeong (27‧185.3cm) also put the leading team premium at the forefront. It is an atmosphere of fierce pursuit.

Shooter Jeon Seong-hyun is one of the biggest hits this season. Unlike the former team, KGC, where outstanding colleagues helped, the new team, Carrot, has more work to do and more focused checks. Because of this, a struggle was expected, but he showed off his hotter fingertips and stepped forward as a top-notch shooter this season.

In the meantime, Moon Kyung-eun and Cho Seong-won were chosen as the representative shooters of the KBL. Most of the evaluations were that even if a fairly good shooter appeared, it was insufficient compared to them. In the meantime, Jeon Seong-hyeon is highly praised for following the two legends. As if to prove this, he is showing off his extraordinary presence as the best shooter of the current generation by breaking the records of Moon Kyung-eun and Jo Sung-won one by one.

Moon Kyung-eun’s record of 29 consecutive games with two or more 3-pointers was easily surpassed by 42 consecutive games, and Cho Seong-won’s record of 54 consecutive 3-pointers was also easily surpassed. etc… , Step by step adding weight to the 3-point shot, and surpassing the big and small records. Considering the age at which he is still in the prime of his career, if he maintains his current skills for several seasons, it is highly likely that many of his cumulative records will come into the arms of Jeon Seong-hyun.

In fact, Mungyeong-eun belongs to the good side in terms of size among contemporary shooters, and she is good at 2v2 games with her unique elasticity and sense besides shooting. In the case of Cho Seong-won, his explosive speed is excellent. On the other hand, there are many opinions that Jeon Seong-hyun has a strong scent as a shooter in that he is extremely mediocre in the rest except for his shooting ability.

Because of this, there were many people who predicted Jeon Seong-hyun’s regular league MVP award until the middle of the season. There were contenders for each round, but it seemed that there was no candidate who could surpass the flame-like performance of driving 3-pointers like crazy. Unlike the KGC days, it was also recognized as a plus that he continued his pace despite the opposing team’s tremendous defense.

Jeon Seong-hyeon has a high shooting speed as he has good jumping power while taking a quick shot. He has such long shot distance that he even throws deep threes and logo shots. Even when he suffers from strong pressure defense, he doesn’t lose his balance easily. This is one of the reasons why it is difficult to block him even though most of his attacks are outside shots. Jeon Seong-hyun basically has a good off-the-ball move. 

Even though he constantly wanders around and confuses the defense, the moment he wants to catch the ball, he quickly secures a shooting space and throws a shot without hesitation. He has a killer instinct that doesn’t miss even the slightest gap. This season, he often shows scenes where he beats defenders and creates timing through various fake moves, perhaps because his defense has become more intense. 바카라사이트

Even though the pace dropped sharply after the mid-season, he maintained a high level of performance with averages of 17.62 points (7th overall), 2.62 assists, 1.94 rebounds and 1.06 steals. The number of successful 3-pointers per game is still in first place (3.42). He dropped to 8th place (37.50%) in success rate, but the gap with the 1st place (40.52%) is not large, and considering the number of successes, it is not serious.

Various reasons are being discussed for the background of Jeon Seong-hyun’s pace falling, which was roaring throughout the season. As Carrot’s main scorer, he had to suffer from the opposing team’s concentration mark every game, so he was physically exhausted. In addition to that, it is analyzed that the psychological shock (?) caused by the collision with Jung Sung-woo (29‧178cm) during the game also had an effect.

On January 27, he made a fatal mistake against KT in Suwon. In the second half of the second quarter, he intercepted the ball he was trying to receive and committed a dirty foul, pushing Jung Sung-woo from behind as he was attempting a fast-breaking layup. It was a dangerous foul that could have seriously injured Jung Sung-woo, who lost his balance in the air. At that time, instead of immediately apologizing, Jeon Seong-hyun made a mocking expression on Jung Sung-woo, who rebelled, and pointed his finger at him, receiving severe criticism from fans.

Of course, Jeon Sung-hyun revealed that there was a misunderstanding, but it is true that his words and actions were inappropriate at the time. He pretended to be relatively calm, but considering that he is a shooter, a position where rhythm can be disturbed even by small elements, it is clear that it has had a considerable impact on his condition. In addition to that, it is an opinion that the unstable economic situation of Carrot, which has not improved from the beginning of the season, and the resulting delayed payment of wages would have been a difficult factor.

It can be said that various bad factors overlapped in a situation where the best season in KBL history was expected. Recently, Seonghyun Jeon revealed that there is something wrong with the cochlea, which is a body organ responsible for hearing. Accordingly, he has expressed his position that the team will focus on playing in normal condition during the playoffs by paying attention to recovery rather than forcibly playing in the remaining games.

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