Volvik signed a main sponsorship contract with Jeon Jae-han of KPGA

Golf brand Volvik announced on the 4th that it has signed a main sponsorship contract with professional golfer Jeon Jae-han.

Volvik signed a main contract with KPGA Jeon Jae-han at the headquarters on the 3rd to sponsor Volvik golf balls and supplies starting this year. Born in Seoul in 1990, Jeon Jae-han moved to Malaysia at the age of 4 and started playing golf at the age of 8, playing as a golf team player at Northwestern University in the United States. He turned pro in 2012 after graduating from college, and in 2013 he played on a tour of Japan. He has been active on the KPGA Korean Tour and Asian Tour since passing the 2019 Korean Tour Qualifying Tournament. In the KPGA Korean Tour, his potential was recognized by winning runner-up at the 2020 Hyundai Marine & Fire Insurance Choi Gyeong-ju Invitational and the 2021 Woosung General Construction Aramir CC Busan Gyeongnam Open.메이저놀이터

Jeon Jae-han is also a ‘fashionista’ who owns a clothing brand. He collaborated with Malbon, a famous golf wear, and also worked as a Hyundai Genesis G70 Shooting Break model last year.

Jeon Jae-han said, “I am happy and excited to join Volvik, which has a family-like atmosphere. I have tested several brands of golf balls since last year and felt that Volvik’s ‘VS4’ is the most suitable for me.” I want to take a new leap forward.”

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