“We don’t have time”…Gudrum goes to the hospital due to hamstring pain, Lotte can’t afford to wait 

 Lotte Giants foreign player Nico Goodrum is becoming more and more of an embarrassment.

Lotte Acting Manager Lee Jong-woon explained Gudrum’s current condition ahead of the game against NC Dinos held at Sajik Stadium in Busan on the 12th.
Goodrum, who joined in the second half of the year as a replacement for Jack Rex this year, received attention as a player who can play various positions in the inside and outfield. It was also expected that he would allocate the stamina of shortstop Noh Jin-hyuk as well as third base, which was the most vulnerable position at the time in the second half of the season. 카지노사이트

However, the more the season goes by, the more Gudrum seems unable to settle into any one position. Goodrum is currently performing below expectations with a batting average of .263 (35 hits in 133 at-bats), 20 RBI, and an OPS of .682 in 36 games. He doesn’t even have a home run yet. He has already committed 11 errors on defense. As he made mistakes regardless of his position, his confidence plummeted. 

In addition, Gudrum continued to play his game with left hamstring pain. Although his symptoms were not severe, he had to play under pressure and it affected his performance. 

Goodrum was also excluded from the selection that day. On this day, he underwent a hospital examination in the morning and was found to have simple hamstring inflammation. However, because he is in pain, he cannot be placed in the lineup.

Acting coach Lee Jong-woon said, “Gudrum is not showing his best condition due to muscle pain. It seems to be affecting both attack and defense. It’s a pity because he is probably not doing well and is not in good shape.” “I can’t use it. First of all, I went to the hospital today for a checkup. I can’t play in the game. It’s not a situation where I can force him. We don’t have much time and we can’t wait for Gudrum. We’re going to use the players we have now.” emphasized. 

On this day, Lotte formed a starting lineup with Dong-hee Yoon (right fielder), Jung-hoon Lee (designated hitter), Chi-hong Ahn (second baseman), Jun-woo Jeon (left fielder), Hoon Jeong (first baseman), Min-seok Kim (center fielder), Kang-nam Yoo (catcher), Jin-hyuk Noh (shortstop), and Seung-wook Park (third baseman).

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