“We’re buying a player Tottenham are throwing away?” Munich fans angry

Tottenham are preparing to part ways with Emile Hojbjerg (28, Tottenham).

‘The Sun’ reported on Monday that “manager Ange Costecoglou will not play Hojbjerg, who does not fit his tactics. Bayern Munich could take the player Spurs don’t want. The Bavarians were initially targeting Declan Rice but have turned their attention to Hojbjerg as Rice’s move to Arsenal looks likely.”안전놀이터

Tottenham and Munich fans have mixed reactions. “Why would we sign a player that Tottenham dumped?”, “Bayern are trying to make a stupid, weird signing”, “What has this club come to?”, and “Hojbjerg is overrated in England”.

Hojbjerg has been a key midfielder for Tottenham over the past two seasons. It will be interesting to see who Postecoglou chooses to replace him. Tottenham’s changes have a direct impact on Son Heung-min’s performance.

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