Why do we say ‘grip’?

The dictionary definition of grip is the handle of a bat, racket, golf club, etc., or a method of holding it. In Korea, the part that is mainly held by the hand is called the grip. Golf club handles, tennis and table tennis, and badminton racket handles are referred to as grips. However, in the United States, grip is often used as a noun or verb to mean holding tightly. For example, use the word ‘grip’ when you hold a doorknob or tell a story that catches the reader’s interest.

According to the English glossary, ‘grip’ is derived from the Old German word ‘gripfen’, which means to hold on, and is a modification of the Old English word ‘grippan’. Since the 12th century, it has been used to mean the act of grasping or grasping, and in the mid-15th century, it was used as a metaphor, and in 1785, it was also used to mean a handshake at a secret society. American baseball terminology expert Paul Dixon’s dictionary of baseball terms explains ‘grip’ as the way the batter swings the bat and the way the pitcher grips the ball. A grip is a way of holding rather than a handle.

In the Korean media, it is estimated that the word grip has been used since the 1960s. On November 27, 1969 in the Chosun Ilbo, an article titled ‘Mickey Mantle’s extraordinary long hitting skills’ reported that baseball long hitter Mickey Mantle played in a pro-ama mixed match prior to the PGA Byron Nelson Classic held in Dallas, Texas, USA. He had a long hit of 398 yards, and the foreign media interpreted Mantle’s amazing long hit as ① a strong grip ② a strong wrist and ③ an awkward feeling that came out of it. At that time, grip was used to mean how to hold.

In tennis, the grip has three meanings. The way the racket is held, the gripping part of the handle of the racket, and the verb form of gripping the racket. As a grip method for holding a racket, an eastern grip, a western grip, and a continental grip are known. These words reveal the history of tennis. This is because it was first used in the eastern part of the United States, the western part of the United States, and continental Europe, and then spread all over the world. The creators of this grip method are still unknown. However, if you look at the book ‘Tennis (subtitle ‘Tennis 500 Years’, 1947)’ written by Gianni Clerich of Italy, the Continental grip for both forehand and backhand was popular in England at the end of the 19th century, and the Eastern grip, which changed the position of the gripped fingers, was popular in the United States. It is said to know

(Refer to this corner #947 ‘Why do we say ‘forehand’,’ and ‘Why do we say ‘backhand’?”) Tennis was introduced to the United States by the New York-protected Mary Bridges. At that time, American tennis began on grass courts in the eastern New England region, centered on New York. American tennis, which originated in the East, was introduced to the California region following the pioneering of the West, and it is said that Western grips and hard courts were created there. (See Part 931 of this corner, ‘Why do we say ‘hard court’ in tennis?)메이저놀이터

The grip is very important in sports with a club. This is because if the grip is not right, the proper swing motion will not come out. This is why we advise you to ‘check your grip again’ if your swing in tennis or golf gets a little weird. Along with tennis, there are three types of grip methods in golf. There are natural grip, interlocking grip, and overlapping grip. Golf grips started with natural grips, followed by interlocking grips, and now overlapping grips are the mainstream. Whether it’s tennis or golf, changes in grips reflect the times and history.

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