Yang Hong-seok, who briefly attacked KGC, “A match won by hustle… I will keep going by lowering my stance

He broke the jinx against KGC and became the main player in achieving 6 consecutive victories. Suwon KT Yang Hong-seok found the answer before KGC.

Yang Hong-seok played an active role with 16 points, 10 rebounds and 4 assists in the 4th round of the 2022-2023 SKT A-Dot professional basketball KGC held at Anyang Indoor Gymnasium on the 6th. He had an efficient offense with a field goal rate of 67%, and was also active in defense and rebounding. KT beat KGC 85-83 and continued the winning streak to ‘6’. 메이저사이트

After the game, Yang Hong-seok said, “It feels good to win the first place team. Now I have to travel a long distance to Ulsan, but I think I will go happily,” he said. “I played basketball in a hurry in the first quarter. He’s not said to be in a hurry, but he was in the first quarter. However, he tried to calmly and accurately from the second quarter. He threw with confidence because he had a good shooting feel and produced good results.” He looked back on the game that day.

Most of Yang Hong-seok’s goals came from pattern play, not one-on-one. He received a screen and put in an outside shot and assisted after inducing the opponent’s defense on a breakthrough chance. KGC Moon Seong-gon had many struggles in defense, but he escaped from the jinx.

Regarding this part, he said, “I think I played basketball well. There are many players on our team who can score, but if I catch the ball a lot, it becomes a negative for the team. As my colleagues made the pattern accurately, the stats come out well if I score like this.”

At the same time, Yang Hong-seok emphasized the performance of Han Hee-won, who played an active role together. He said, “Actually, in the first quarter, I was embarrassed because the KGC shot was so good. Had it not been for Heewon hyung, the game would have ended in the first quarter. Heewon hyung helped me, and in the second quarter, I gave my strength. In the second half, the players seem to have caught the game by showing off their hustle as a whole.”

Lastly, Yang Hong-seok said, “After the game, we congratulated each other in the locker room on winning 6 games in a row. I was in 10th place, but I already had 6 wins in a row. We can go to Ulsan in a friendly atmosphere,” he said. “But Hyundai Mobis is also a difficult team. I will continue to go with a low attitude like now,” he promised to continue his winning streak without being excited.