Yeo Min-ji, who revealed her sense of duty in women’s soccer, “realizes her popularity as a goalie… I want to contribute to ‘AGAIN 2010’, the year of the World Cup”

Minji Yeo. It is an icon that once symbolized Korean women’s soccer, which any soccer fan around 2010 should know. 

At the 2010 FIFA (International Football Federation) U-17 Women’s World Cup held in Trinidad and Tobago in 2010, she was the main character who led the incredible record of Korea’s soccer’s first ever FIFA-sponsored championship. In the final against Japan and Korea, she recorded two assists. She also won the tournament’s top scorer (Golden Boot) and best player award (Golden Ball), and even set the record for the most goals in a FIFA-sponsored game (4 goals against Nigeria in the quarterfinals) in Korean soccer history. 

Fans these days may not know it well, but he was a world-class prospect in women’s football that dominated an era. And now, as a veteran in her thirties, she wants to support the revival of Korean women’s soccer. And the cornerstone of the business will lead to the victory of Gyeongju Hansuwon (Korea Hydroelectric Power Resources), which joined in 2021.

Gyeongju KHNP, to which Yeo Min-ji belongs, completed the first winter field training in Jeju Island and recently set up a base camp in Donghae, Gangwon-do. Yeo Min-ji, whom I met here, seemed bright. He smiled broadly, saying, “I underwent surgery to remove the pin on my left knee last December and until recently I focused on rehabilitation.

This season is a different season for me as well. This is because he took the captain’s armband for two consecutive years. Yeo Min-ji, who expressed her awkwardness by saying, “I haven’t played the role of captain since I was young,” said, “Now I’m almost in middle and high school. (Song Joo-hee) the coach and coaches trust me on and off the pitch and give me a position, so I feel a sense of responsibility. Last year, the older sisters I was able to fulfill the role of captain because he helped me well and my juniors followed me well. I will make sacrifices to the team and do a good job as a bridge between the coaches and the players.”

Last season was also a season full of regrets for Yeo Min-ji. It was probably because of the aftermath of the injury. Yeo Min-ji said, “There were injuries and transfers not only to me, but to the entire team. So-dam suffered a major injury from the first game of the season, and Ye-eun also moved to Brighton in the middle of the season. But at that time, both Sangeun and I were injured. There was a big gap in the back. Asuna also couldn’t play the second game due to a rib fracture. In the aftermath, it was regrettable that she couldn’t show a good performance during the championship match. This year, everyone took care of themselves without major injuries. If you do well, you can get good results.  스포츠토토

Yeo Min-ji has also become a veteran of women’s soccer. When he said, “I’m already over 30,” I could feel his age, unlike before. In the meantime, Korean women’s soccer has changed a lot. Through the Goal Hitting Girls program, the base has expanded from being centered on elites to sports for everyday life. Yeo Min-ji also said, “I wonder if the goal girl was the turning point. I also enjoy watching it, but the media effect is great. It was popular after winning the 17-year-old competition. After that, it was quiet, but it’s nice to see it’s popular again recently, “he said, interpreting the recent travel boom positively.  

However, in the meantime, he carefully revealed his regret. Yeo Min-ji said, “I feel that Colin Bell is taking office and the association is giving a lot of support. However, interest in women’s soccer is still lacking. Admission is free. The difference between when the seats are empty and when they are full is huge. If a lot of fans find it, the players can show better performance.” 

When asked why women’s soccer is better than other women’s sports, Yeo Min-ji said, “Thank you for always remembering me when you say ‘Women’. It’s true. Even women’s volleyball has a lot of fans. There are probably some simple and dynamic sport characteristics. But if you look closely at women’s volleyball, each player has a different disposition and style. There are powerful players and charming players. Soccer is In a way, it may feel boring. However, if you look closely, there are many interesting parts in it. If you come and see it yourself, you can enjoy it more, “he appealed to the charm of women’s soccer.

He said, “The success of Goal Girls is also affecting women’s celebrations. There are many women around me playing life soccer, flip football, and futsal. At the same time, if you naturally take an interest in the WK League, I think the players will be more powerful.” said the wind.

There is also a Women’s World Cup this year. The Women’s World Cup will be held in Australia and New Zealand from July. If the popularity of goal scoring continues into the Women’s World Cup, the revival of women’s soccer is not a dream either. Minji Yeo said, “It’s the year of the World Cup. Just like men’s football, WK League players should go to the World Cup and perform well like Cho Kyu-seong, and the players should try to make their popularity carry over to the league.”

This is a very important time for Yeo Min-ji personally. He said, “I joined the national team in June of last year, but I couldn’t go because of an injury. Coach Bell said the door was always open, so the first priority is to find a good form this year and show good performance in the league. Looking at the unnies, they still have speed and take great care of their bodies. Even though Asuna is a member of the adult World Cup championship, she is still doing well. He expressed his desire to make it a year.

Yeo Min-ji, a trustworthy captain whose goal is KHNP’s personal goal. This season, Hyundai Steel will challenge its stronghold. He said, “It was regrettable at the threshold of winning every time, but we continue to challenge. Overcoming Hyundai Steel? It is possible. Our goal is still to win. If there is a wish for the fans, I hope that many people will come to see it. A match worthy of their support. I will definitely repay you. I will contribute to the victory of the team with the responsibility of a second-year captain,” he shouted fighting ahead of the new season. I look forward to the dreams of Yeo Min-ji and KHNP, who have entered their 30s in earnest.

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